20 Bizarre Facts About North Korea

They Have One American Living There

Joseph Dresnok decided to cross the North Korean border after the Korean War. He claims that he loves it there, and he feels at home.

Accordions Are Popular

Think of accordions as being North Korea’s equivalent to Justin Bieber. Something that used to be very popular, and is still loved by a select few. Back in the 90’s, learning how to play the accordion was actually a requirement to becoming a teacher.

They Only Have Three TV Channels

There is one channel that is broadcast only during the evening. The other two are only broadcast during the weekend.

Their Constitution Is Actually Alright

North Korea is notorious for being an incredibly communist, tyrannical, terrible country. If you have a chance to read their constitution, however, there is a lot of talk about democracy, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. Maybe Kim Jong-un hasn’t read it yet.