Russell Wilson Net Worth

Russell Wilson Net Worth
Net Worth: $165 Million
Salary: $22 Million Per Year
Real Name: Russell Carrington Wilson
Date of Birth: 29th November 1988
Age: 35 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession: Football Player, Actor, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Updated: 5th July 2023
Russell Wilson Net Worth:
$165 Million

Russell Wilson's Salary

$22 Million Per Year

Russell Wilson is a name that’s much more widely known than it was a few years ago, and that’s not just because of his NFL achievements. You might not know it, but Russell Wilson is a living American football quarterback legend. 

He is a man of many titles: Super Bowl champion, former college quarterback, fashion mogul, entrepreneur, and even the best husband in the world. But the one title that you probably don’t know is that he is one of the NFL’s highest-paid players.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Russell Wilson’s total assets, including his houses, cars, brand endorsements, and other investments, and Russell Wilson net worth in 2022.

What is Russell Wilson’s Net Worth?

Russell Wilson holds his own weight when it comes to the field of football.  Russell Wilson net worth is $165 million.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry, which makes it all the more impressive that its players like Russell and Tom Brady are the highest paid in sports. It boasts some of the highest viewership and sales numbers for any sport on earth, which — given its high salaries and popularity — makes sense. At one time in 2019, he was the highest NFL player after signing a four-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks. 

Who is Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson is a former quarterback player for the Seattle Seahawks. He was one of the most valuable players for the Seattle Seahawks. He currently plays as a football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. 

His mother, Tammy Wilson, was a nursing director, and his father, Harrison Wilson III, was a lawyer. Russell Wilson has an elder brother named Harrison and a younger sister named Anna. Wilson is the middle child.

Russell Wilson has been a favorite of NFL fans for a long time. He earned a bachelor’s in broadcast/communications at North Carolina State University, followed by a master’s in educational leadership and policy analysis from the University of Wisconsin Madison. He made history along the way: as an NFL rookie in 2012.

Russell Wilson began playing football along with baseball at a very young age. After his senior year, he played baseball and football for North Carolina State. Russell Wilson later transferred to Wisconsin Madison. 

Russell Wilson has been married twice. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, he wed Ashton Meem in 2012 when he was a senior in college. Wilson, according to the Seattle Times, divorced his wife in 2014 after his third NFL season. 

Two years later, the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback married Ciara Harris. The Wilsons welcomed their boy after having their first child, Sienna Princess Wilson, a year later.

Russell Wilson Net Worth

How He Made His Money

Russell Wilson’s salary of $35 million yearly comes from the National Football League. After signing a four-year, $140 million contract extension with the Seahawks on April 15, 2019, and receiving an additional $65 million signing bonus, Wilson rose to the position of the highest-paid athlete in the NFL. At the time it was signed, this contract was the most expensive in NFL history. He will receive a guaranteed income of over $107 million thanks to the arrangement. 

In March 2022, Russell Wilson was signed to the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. At the time of signing, he was given a bonus of $70 million. He will receive at least $24 million in compensation from the Broncos under the terms of his prior contract with the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson became one of the most well-liked NFL players in the US very rapidly and shot to prominence. With that surge in popularity came a flurry of endorsement contracts, which have helped him increase his wealth. 

Wilson is associated with several well-known companies, including Nike, Bose, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, and more.

In addition to making money through the NFL and endorsement deals with multimillion-dollar companies, Wilson has founded his own businesses.
He founded and serves as the CEO of “West2East Empire,” a brand management organization that also oversees two production companies.

Wilson launched his own clothing brand, Good Man Brand, in 2016, which is currently sold on Amazon. The next year, the first franchise of Juice Press was established in Seattle as a result of his cooperation with the company.

Fun Facts About Russell Wilson

  • He competed in two minor league seasons for the Rockies.
  • He also plays professional baseball. 
  • Wilson was married before to Ashton Meem but later divorced after two years.
  • Russell Wilson has beaten every quarterback he’s faced who has a Super Bowl ring. He also has the most regular season wins, more than any other NFL player.
  • He was once named Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week.
  • When Russell Wilson was a senior in high school, he founded the Russell Wilson Passing Academy). He decided to give back to the Richmond, Virginia, community, and they have kept up their efforts ever since.
  • Russell Wilson has played 10 seasons for the Seattle Seahawks.
  • For three seasons, Wilson led the Wolfpack in passing with 8,545 yards and 76 touchdowns. Wilson left North Carolina State for Wisconsin after his coach decided to go with a different player for the position he wanted.

What’s Next For Russell Wilson?

After leading the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl win in his second season, Russell Wilson has made it abundantly clear that he’s not stopping there. He has since moved to the Denver Broncos, where he has purchased his home and plans to make more great memories there.

Russell Wilson FAQs

What is Russell Wilson Net Worth?

Russell Wilson net worth is currently $165 million USD.

How much money does Russell Wilson earn?

Russell Wilson earns $22 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson is 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)

How old is Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson is currently 35 years old.

When is Russell Wilson birthday?

Russell Wilson birthday is on 29th November.