NLE Choppa Net Worth

NLE Choppa Net Worth
Net Worth: $3 Million
Salary: $1 Million Per Year
Real Name: Bryson Lashun Potts
Date of Birth: 1st November 2002
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.86 m)
Profession: Rapper, Dancer, Influencer, Songwriter
Nationality: American
Updated: 1st July 2023
NLE Choppa Net Worth:
$3 Million

NLE Choppa's Salary

$1 Million Per Year

As of 2022, NLE Choppa’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. That’s expected to grow quickly because the young rapper has an annual salary of $1 million to $ 1.5 million. Working with his mother as his manager, NLE is expanding his income opportunities with NLE-branded merchandise. NLE is short for “No Love Entertainment.”

NLE Choppa’s Fame Came Out of Nowhere

Bryson Lashun Potts, better know by his stage name NLE Choppa, began freestyling when he was 14. He released a song titled “No Love Anthem” the following year under the stage name YNR Choppa. It wasn’t until the release of the music video “Shotta Flow” in 2019 that he rose to fame.

“Shotta Flow” was initially released on YouTube in January of 2019 and had more than 300k views in a few short weeks, and rocketed to 10 million views on YouTube in the month of its release. That song was eventually certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. It eventually attained certified platinum status. It also earned the Song of the Day by Pitchfork magazine.

In February of the same year, NLE Choppa dropped “Shotta Flow 2” on his YouTube channel. That single had 20 million views in two months of its release. As of 2022, NLE Choppa has 2.6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Out of nowhere, Choppa ended up with a bidding feud involving top record labels. He turned to his mother, Angela Ellis Potts, to handle his business affairs. She began acting as his manager and continues to hold that title.

His live debut was at the Beale Street Music Festival in his hometown of Memphis, TN. That May 2019 first music festival performance drew rave reviews from critics. Bob Mehr noted that there would be many more memorable moments in the career of NLE Choppa.

NLE Choppa Singles and Collabs

Since his rise to fame, NLE Choppa released several other singles.

  • Free Youngboy
  • Drip Creator
  • Feeling My Drip
  • Birdboy
  • Redrum
  • Capo
  • Blocc is Hot
  • Nolove Anthem
  • Stick by My Side
  • Crooks
  • Drip
  • Cursed Vibes
  • Choppa DaVinci
  • Coolin
  • Sticks
  • Narrow Road

Besides his own singles, NLE Choppa has collaborated with many popular artists.

Choppa’s been featured on many songs, including:

  • Dance
  • Dreams
  • Double
  • Get Like Me
  • Walk Em Down

Early Life of NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa was born Bryson Lashun Potts in Memphis, TN, on November 2, 2001. Very little is known about his father besides the fact that he was an African American man. His mother, Angeleta Ellis Potts, is of Jamaican descent. She is currently his manager.

He grew up in the Parkway Village area of Memphis. While he didn’t care much about his education, he attended Cordova High School. While he was in school, he began playing basketball.

NLE Choppa has shocked his fans throughout his career with his stunning dance moves. He still maintains an Instagram page where he shares those moves. He also has a very active TikTok account where fans can watch him dance.

In June 2020, NLE Choppa had his first child. Clover Brylie Potts was born on June 20, 2020. Her mother, Mariah, vlogged her birth. She’s an Instagram phenomenon known as Gorgeeoussss. Her claim to fame comes from posting selfies on that account, where she has more than 100k followers.

NLE Choppa’s personal life hasn’t been all happiness. In March 2022, he and his girlfriend, Marissa Da’nae, shared news of their miscarriage. They were expecting a baby boy who they named Seven Da’Shun Potts. The two stood together after this loss and held each other up. NLE often calls Marissa his wife, although the couple isn’t married as of August 2022.

Another Business Venture of NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa started an online store selling NLE branded merchandise. He hopes to make the NLE brand one of the most popular in the country. Currently, the NLE store has clothing and phone cases, but this is expected to expand in the future.

Choppa also earns money from sponsored posts on his social media accounts. As of August 2022, NLE has millions of followers across his social media pages.

  • TikTok: 12.1 million
  • Facebook: 1.8 million
  • Instagram: 5 million
  • Twitter: 1.4 million
  • YouTube: 5.45 million

Lessons From NLE Choppa

Despite his bad boy persona, NLE Choppa is a funny man who can teach people of all ages valuable life skills in a way they can remember. He often speaks about how you should always accept responsibility for your own life. He’s known for encouraging people to own their mistakes, learn from them, and move on with life.

He also speaks about always showing your true potential. The young artist always tells people never to let their age be a factor in fulfilling their dreams. He reminds people that staying focused and not letting anyone derail your dreams is the only path to success.

Ultimately, NLE Choppa’s popularity will continue to rise. His positive attitude and ability to tie his musicality with his dance moves enable him to appeal to many demographics of followers. His net worth will continue to rise as long as he uses his money wisely and his mother handles his business affairs properly.

NLE Choppa FAQs

What is NLE Choppa Net Worth?

NLE Choppa net worth is currently $3 million USD.

How much money does NLE Choppa earn?

NLE Choppa earns $1 million per year from various sources.

How tall is NLE Choppa?

NLE Choppa is 6 ft 1 in (1.86 m)

How old is NLE Choppa?

NLE Choppa is currently 21 years old.

When is NLE Choppa birthday?

NLE Choppa birthday is on 1st November.