MC Hammer Net Worth

MC Hammer Net Worth
Net Worth: $2 Million
Salary: $700,000 Per Year
Real Name: Stanley Kirk Burrel
Date of Birth: 30th March 1962
Age: 62 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Rapper, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Producer, TV Personality
Nationality: American
Updated: 5th July 2023
MC Hammer Net Worth:
$2 Million

MC Hammer's Salary

$700,000 Per Year

MC Hammer is well-known for his career as a rapper and dancer. He made millions throughout his career. During the height of his career in the 90s, he was worth more than $65 million. However, his lavish lifestyle resulted in him filing for bankruptcy at one point. So, how much does MC Hammer have left?

MC Hammer’s Net Worth

MC  Hammer was most well-known for his dancing skills and impressive fashion sense. In the 90s, he sold millions of albums. However, MC Hammer’s net worth is only $2 million. 

MC Hammer Early Life

MC Hammer, born Stanley Kirk Burrell, was born on March 30, 1962, in Oakland, California. His father, Louis Burrell Sr., was a professional poker player, and his mother was a secretary. The hit star behind the famous Hammer Pants song grew up with eight siblings. The family struggled financially throughout his childhood. 

MC Hammer enjoyed baseball and was seen as an aspiring baseball player. However, he did not cut into the professional world of baseball and failed to make a team. 

After that, he went into the US Navy, serving for three years. After his honorable discharge, Stanley Burrel began his career in the music industry. 

Where Did MC Hammer Get His Nickname?

Stanley Kirk Burrell used to watch the team play at Oakland Colleseum. During the breaks, he would dance. The owner of the Oakland Athletics, Charles Finley, hired him as a batboy. His striking resemblance to the player Hammerin’ Hank Aaron won him the nickname Hammer. When he went into hip hop, he added the MC to the beginning to form MC Hammer. 

MC Hammer Early Career

He started his career in the pop-rap music industry soon after leaving the Navy with a Christian rap music group named Holy Ghost Boys. He started it with his friend Jon Gibson. The group was a hit, and their song The Wall made them well-known. 

After this success, Mike Davis and Dwayne Murphy, former Oakland A’s players, helped give him the financial assistance he needed to start Bust It Records, his very own record label. He sold records out of his basement to keep his dream alive. 

Then, that label turned into Bust It Productions. Eventually, the name Bustin’ Records was born. Under this label, he released his first album, Feel My Power. It sold over 60,000 copies, and hits like Let’s Get It Started became a favorite in nightclubs across the country and still are today. 

MC Hammer Career

After his early success, he continued his rise to the top. In 1988, a Capitol Records executive noticed him while he was performing at a club. He signed with them and managed to get an almost $2 million advance. 

He instantly made it big with his hit single U Can’t Touch This, which was featured on his album Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em. It also featured artists like Prince, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson 5. He spent a portion of 1991 touring Europe for the album. The album stayed on the Billboard chart for 21 weeks straight. 

His next massive hit was in 1991: Too Legit To Quit. Boyz II Men was the opening act for the lavish tour he went on to promote the album. The video for the song had so many celebrities that it was dubbed the most expensive music video made. The album featuring this son went multi-platinum. 

Other notable moments from his career include: 

  • He released seven more studio albums
  • His last album was released in 2009
  • Won three Grammy’s, including one for Best Long Form Music Video
  • Won a People’s Choice Award
  • Earned eight American Music Awards
  • His album Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em was the first hip-hop album to achieve diamond status
  • He became known for his tracks dissing other artists
  • He also became known for his songs using samplings from other artist’s songs, such as music or a portion of lyrics

However, music isn’t the only way he increased the MC Hammer net worth. Other business ventures that helped him bring up the MC Hammer net worth include:

  • Was an ordained preacher
  • TV show host
  • Dance competition judge
  • Established Oakland Stable for thoroughbred horses
  • Had his own clothing line
  • Starred in Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em: The Movie
  • Helped create Dance Jam, a website
  • CEO of his own record label
  • Produced his own reality show called Hammertime

MC Hammer Bankruptcy

In 1991, Hammer earned more than any other year. He brought in a whopping $33 million from tours, albums, endorsements, and more. However, he spent much more than he made. Money was spent on everything from cars and planes to a record label and a massive estate in California. 

In 1990, MC Hammer spent $5 million on a property in Fremont, California. He had the previous mansion demolished and built a massive, custom mansion on the property. While it was a beautiful mansion, it had a significant impact on the MC Hammer’s net worth. 

By 1996, he was $10 million in debt. This led to him filing for bankruptcy in 1996. Public records showed that he had borrowed money from both Deion Sanders and a personal lawyer. 

Personal Life

MC Hammer now lives a modest lifestyle as he continues to pay back the IRS for back taxes owed and increase his net worth. He reportedly works 10-12 hours a day. MC Hammer married his wife, Stephanie, in 1985. Together they have five children: Bobby Burrell, Jeremiah Burrell, Sammy Burrell, Sarah Burrell, and A’keiba Burrell. 

MC Hammer FAQs

What is MC Hammer Net Worth?

MC Hammer net worth is currently $2 million USD.

How much money does MC Hammer earn?

MC Hammer earns $700,000 per year from various sources.

How tall is MC Hammer?

MC Hammer is 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)

How old is MC Hammer?

MC Hammer is currently 62 years old.

When is MC Hammer birthday?

MC Hammer birthday is on 30th March.