Venus Williams Net Worth

Venus Williams Net Worth
Net Worth: $95 Million
Salary: $7 Million Per Year
Real Name: Venus Ebony Starr Williams
Date of Birth: 17th June 1980
Age: 44 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Tennis Player, Entrepreneur, Investor, WRiter
Nationality: American
Updated: 5th July 2023
Venus Williams Net Worth:
$95 Million

Venus Williams's Salary

$7 Million Per Year

When it comes to the richest people on the planet, how often do you imagine a tennis player? Too few of us would immediately conjure a tennis star as someone with immense wealth, and that’s just wrong because Venus Williams net worth skyrocketed alongside her fame.

As a professional tennis player, and the former World No. 1 player, Venus Williams, and her sister Serena, are often touted as the leaders of women’s professional tennis. They helped bring new light and eyes to the scene over the years.

Venus Williams Net Worth

But we’re all here to learn more about the Venus Williams net worth, right? Well, without further ado, Venus Williams’ net worth currently sits at $95 million.

As of this writing, she also earns approximately $7 million each year, and most of that comes from her tennis performances, though she’s also a writer and entrepreneur, too.

Venus Williams Early Life

Born in Lynwood, California, to Richard Williams and Oracene Price, Venus Williams showed significant talent on a tennis court at a young age. At just seven years old, Venus attracted the attention of professional tennis player Tony Chesta, who quickly identified her as a potential star in the often-overlooked sport.

Eventually, the Williams family moved away from Compton to West Palm Beach, where Venus and her sister Serena attended Rick Macci’s tennis academy, where both received additional coaching. Their father, Richard, eventually stopped sending them to tennis academy and to tennis tournaments, as he wanted both girls to focus on schoolwork and enjoy childhood as kids.

It was fate, however. Venus went on to become the top name in women’s professional tennis, earning countless awards, accolades, and a massive bank account to boot.

Venus Williams Accolades and Awards

Speaking of awards and accolades, Venus Williams amassed both in spades. In 2001, 2002, and 2006, she earned the Best Female Tennis Player ESPY Award. In 2003, she earned the NAACP Image Award. And in 2005, she earned the Glamour Award for The Comeback.

Since 2000, she has earned countless awards from the likes of ESPY, BET, Teen Choice Awards, and so many others. Her mantelpiece likely looks like a bowling alley trophy room stacked high.

Her most recent awards include:


  • Harris Poll Top 10 Favorite Female Sports Star (No. 3)
  • WTA Fan Favorite Dress (2014 Wimbledon)
  • Tennis Magazine Top 10 Matches of 2014 No. 3 (2014 Wimbledon 3rd Round)
  • ESPN Tennis Top 10 Women’s Matches of 2014 No. 3 (2014 Wimbledon 3rd Round)


  • US Open Sportsmanship Award
  • WTA February Best Dressed Player
  • WTA French Open Best Dressed Player
  • WTA October Best Dressed Player
  • Harris Poll Top 10 Favorite Female Sports Star (No. 3)
  • Harris Poll Top 10 Greatest Tennis Player (No. 5)
  • WTA Comeback Player of the Year
  • WTA Social Fan Favorite – #TBT of the Year


  • Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 Athletes
  • Nielsen Most Marketable Athletes in the U.S. (No. 6)


  • ESPN WTA Player of the Year
  • Nielsen Most Marketable Athletes in the U.S. (No. 2)


  • Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 Athletes
Venus Williams Wimbledon

Venus Williams Injuries Over the Years

Sadly, stardom comes with a price, especially for a professional tennis player constantly on the move.

For Venus Williams, injuries sustained on the court forced her to withdraw from the U.S. Open. At the time, Venus sustained a severe leg injury, though the details of said injury remained murky. Her sister, Serena, also endured a serious injury, a torn hamstring, and was forced to withdraw from the same event.

Interesting Facts About Venus Williams

While most of us know and adore Venus Williams for her more recent accomplishments, like her professional tennis career, there’s more to the woman than meets the eye.

Now that we better understand the famous Venus Williams net worth, let’s explore a few interesting facts about Venus Williams, too!

  • Venus Williams was born in Compton, a notoriously dangerous portion of Los Angeles, California, that endures severe gang violence and financial hardship daily. The Williams family made it out of Compton, however, and settled down in West Palm Beach, where a budding career as a tennis professional took flight.
  • When she was still a young child, Venus Williams was featured in Sports Illustrated. In 1991, the iconic magazine released an article entitled “Child’s Play,” which features Venus Williams at 10 years old playing tennis. In the article, Venus talked about her dreams, specifically about attending Wimbledon and flying to Jupiter. One of those came true.
  • Venus Williams professionally debuted on the tennis scene at 14 years old. In October of 1994, Williams turned pro at the Bank of the West Classic in Oakland, California. She made it to the second round of the series, facing off against the world’s second-highest ranked player, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario.
  • Venus Williams became part-owner of the Miami Dolphins in 2009, alongside her sister Serena. Both sisters purchased a minority stake in the professional football team, saying, “We’re South Florida girls. When we get off the road, this is where we come home to. When we come home to Dolphins games, it’s going to be exciting.”
  • Alongside an active tennis career and near-constant world travel or practice sessions, Venus Williams managed to find the time to earn two college degrees. She received an associate’s degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2007 and a B.S. in Business Administration from Indiana University East in 2015.
  • On the side of her extensive tennis career, Venus Williams also runs a business empire and invests significantly. In 2002, she founded V Starr, a luxury interior design company. In 2020, she spoke about growing her business empire so that, when her days as a tennis star come to a close, she has something to keep her busy.

There you have it, a choice selection of fun facts about Venus Williams! She’s certainly earned her stardom, and the Venus Williams net worth will surely continue to rise as she keeps winning game after game across the world!

Venus Williams FAQs

What is Venus Williams Net Worth?

Venus Williams net worth is currently $95 million USD.

How much money does Venus Williams earn?

Venus Williams earns $7 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Venus Williams?

Venus Williams is 6 ft (1.85 m)

How old is Venus Williams?

Venus Williams is currently 44 years old.

When is Venus Williams birthday?

Venus Williams birthday is on 17th June.