10 Amazing Pictures Of Dogs Underwater

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Dogs are kind, loyal and wonderful creatures that have served alongside mankind for centuries now. They are also extremely smart and are capable of entertaining us thoroughly. A lot of artists use dogs as subjects in order to create some unique work. Seth Casteel is one such artist who came up with a brilliant idea of capturing dogs in action underwater. This list features 10 amazing photographs from this unique collection by the artist Seth Casteel.

Jumping Into Action

Who needs to dive gracefully into the water when you can spread all your limbs wide and chase after the ball!

Focused Mutt

This doggie seems extremely intent on getting to the ball. His focus is unmistakable.

Eyes Wide Shut

This dog isn’t using his eyes as much as his instincts in order to get to the ball.

Dog Eat Ball World

Both mutts seem to be extremely competitive in their quest to get to the ball first.

Playing Fetch

An absolutely adorable picture of this dog trying to fetch the ball.

Favorite Ball

These dogs look like the ball means the world to them.

Pool Party

A fun and adorable picture of dogs diving into the water and having a ball.

Jaws Of Life

This dog doesn’t have many teeth, but look at the size of that mouth!

Awkward Smile

The artist managed to capture this dog smiling awkwardly while trying to chase the ball.

Ball Problems

This dog is not very pleased that he has to get into the water to reach the ball.