Jason Statham Net Worth

Jason Statham Net Worth
Net Worth: $90 Million
Salary: $40 Million Per Year
Real Name: Jason Statham
Date of Birth: 26th July 1967
Age: 56 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Actor
Nationality: British
Updated: 4th July 2023
Jason Statham Net Worth:
$90 Million

Jason Statham's Salary

$40 Million Per Year

So, who doesn’t enjoy movie nights? Who doesn’t admire the people who make all those wild stunts look real? But when you want to watch a tough person or just a mean son of a…Who do you watch?

Well, Jason Statham is one of those big stars. 

Jason Statham starred in several huge action films between 2000 and 2020. He is known for performing all of his stunts, which turned him into the captivating embodiment of the archetypal British bad boy, complete with Victoria’s Secret model – and fans know precisely what they’re getting into every time. But what about his assets and his estate? Continue reading if you want to take a peek at Jason Statham’s net worth.

Jason Statham’s Net Worth

According to reports, Jason Statham net worth as of 2022 is $90 million. He is on the list of best-paid actors worldwide. Every month, Jason Statham earns more than $ 4 million. The majority of his earnings come from performing roles in films and television shows, for which he is well compensated. 

Jason Statham is paid between $ 8 and $ 15 million for each film he appears in. Jason Statham net worth of $90 million comes from various sources, including brand endorsements, paid partnerships, film distribution, and multiple businesses. Every year, Jason Statham earns more than $ 40 million. As a result of his performances in blockbuster thriller films, his net worth grows every year.

Jason is one of Hollywood’s wealthiest performers, living in opulence. He bought a big mansion in Beverly Hills, California, one of the world’s most affluent places. His present home is 3,355 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms and is valued at around $ 13 million. Jason is also the proud owner of a number of gorgeous residences and real estate.

The actor also owns a collection of cars as he enjoys driving. So, let’s take a peek at Jason Statham’s car collection: Jaguar E-Type, Lamborghini Murcielago LP, Porsche 911 GT2, Aston Martin DBS, and Jaguar XJR.

His favorite car is the Audi R8, which he has two, one in black and the other in white, both of which cost $208,000.

Who Is Jason Statham

Jason Statham is an actor and producer most recognized for his starring roles in some of the best movies. Hobbs & Shaw is also among the films in which Statham has appeared.

From 2002 to 2017, he made millions from his acting career—Hollywood’s most bankable star. Statham was born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England. Jason Statham is well-known as an action movie hero, and his followers call him The Stath or Stat. The 54-year-old actor is in great shape and, despite his age, he appears to be in better form than some people in their 50s.

Statham’s parents were both art lovers. His mother, Eileen, worked as a dancer, while his father, Barry Statham, was a lounge singer. Jason Statham’s career in the acting industry began when he was discovered by Sports Promotions, a sports modeling firm. Statham was signed to modeling contracts by Griffin, Levis, and Tommy Hilfiger in 1996. Later, he became a brand ambassador for French Connection, a global retailer and wholesaler of garments established in the United Kingdom.

Jason Statham’s wife is Rosie Huntington Whiteley. The two love birds started dating in 2010, and after being together for six years, they got engaged in January 2010, 2016. A year later, his partner Rosie Huntington Whiteley gave birth to their first child, Jack Oscar Statham. Jason Statham and his family live in Beverly Hills, California.

Jason Statham in Fast & Furious

How Jason Statham Made His Net Worth

Statham is a British actor with a current net worth of $90 million. In 2019, his net worth was about $70 million, up more than $20 million in just a few years. His fortune comes from his work as an actor and film producer.

Jason’s acting career began in 1988 with Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, in which he played a street-wise con artist. He did not make his way into the Hollywood industry until his second appearance on the big screen. He was paid three times as much for his second character, Turkish, in another Guy Ritchie picture starring Brad Pitt.

Jason Statham, one of Hollywood’s toughest guys, with millions of dollars to his name, is also recognized for action thrillers such as The Bank Job, The Italian job, Hobbs and Shaw, Spy, The Meg, and The Expendables. He’s worked with some of the greatest stars in Hollywood, including Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Johnson, and Vin Diesel

Aside from making money from the acting industry, he has made money from various commercial sponsorships and sponsored agreements. Business investments also make up Jason Statham’s net worth.

Interesting Facts About  Jason Statham

  • He starred in Guy Ritchie crime films.
  • He does his stunts and stage combat.
  • Jason Statham won the most offensive male character award
  • Jason Statham played football in high school.
  • Statham works out in various martial arts disciplines, including BJJ, kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling.
  • Jason Statham is a chess player. 
  • He contributes to the Autograph Store Charity Fundraiser by signing auction items for the charity. 
  • Jason Statham originally pursued a career in diving.
  • Jason Statham started doing martial arts, kickboxing, and karate at a very young age.
  • He was on the British Olympic team, where he was a diver.


Jason Statham’s ascension to stardom has not been simple. We probably wouldn’t be talking about him today if he hadn’t recognized and taken advantage of a chance. Jason is where he is today because, among other things, he realized his abilities and skills and put them to good use on his path to prominence. Jason Statham’s net worth is predicted to be $90 million as of 2022. Jason Statham, an action movie icon, continues to offer his absolute best in every film he appears in.

Jason Statham FAQs

What is Jason Statham Net Worth?

Jason Statham net worth is currently $90 million USD.

How much money does Jason Statham earn?

Jason Statham earns $40 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham is 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)

How old is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham is currently 56 years old.

When is Jason Statham birthday?

Jason Statham birthday is on 26th July.