Julia Fox Net Worth

Julia Fox Net Worth
Net Worth: $1 Million
Salary: $500,000 Per Year
Real Name: Julia Fox
Date of Birth: 2nd February 1990
Age: 34 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Actress, Model
Nationality: Italian
Updated: 5th July 2023
Julia Fox Net Worth:
$1 Million

Julia Fox's Salary

$500,000 Per Year

Julia Fox is a household name. She’s well-known for being both an actress and a model. Her career skyrocketed after a 2019 appearance in the movie The Uncut Gems. She was opposite Adam Sandler, which helped send the movie to the top of the charts. How much is Julia Fox worth now?

Julia Fox’s Net Worth

The Julia Fox net worth is worth $1 million. She enjoys acting and modeling as she makes movies and is still featured in magazines. However, Juia Fox wasn’t always an actress or model. There was quite a while when the Julia Fox net worth was not close to a million. 

Early Life Julia Fox

Julia Fox was born to a middle-class family on February 2, 1990, in Milan, Italy. Her mother, Ann Darwin, was Italian, and her father, Samuel Fox, was American. Up until she was six years old, Fox lived with her grandfather. Then, she moved to New York City with her father. 

They moved to Manhattan in the neighborhood of Yorkville. She attended City-As-School as a teen and began working several service-type jobs, such as one in an ice cream parlor and another in a pastry shop. 

Professional Career

Julia Fox’s career began with her showing her creative streak. She created a successful clothing line with her friend Briana Andalore called Franziska Fox, a line of women’s knitwear. 

Early work also included Julia Fox dabbling in the painting and photography world. She self-published two photography books in 2015 and 2016. One was titled PTSD, and the other titled Symptomatic of a Relationship Gone Sour. 

A painting exhibit in 2017 called RIP Julia Fox featured paintings smeared with her own blood. Her goal was to highlight topics like domestic violence and abuse, which she grew up with as a child. 

Entertainment Career

Julia Fox’s big breakthrough came when she appeared in Uncut Gems, a crime thriller directed by Benny and Josh Safdie. It just so happened that Fox knew the brothers. She had met them years earlier at a cafe in Manhattan. 

Over 200 actresses auditioned for the part of Julia De Fiore, the mistress of Howard Ratner, a gambling addict and jewelry dealer played by Adam Sandler. Julia Fox was the one that got the part in Uncut Gems. This moment would see her career and the Julia Fox net worth, skyrocket.

Other moments in her career that have contributed to the Julia Fox net worth include: 

  • Appeared in Puppet
  • Played a role in PVT Chat
  • Was in No Sudden Move
  • Wrote and produced a film titled Fantasy Girls that brought awareness to the lives of teenage girls in Nevada that did sex work for a living
  • Modeled for Coach New York, Diesel, Vogue, Interview, Office, and more

Acting For A Cause

Acting For A Cause is a series involving real actors reading live classic plays. She played Titania and Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. Other cast members included, but were not limited to: 

  • Drew Starkey
  • Wyatt Oleff
  • Tommy Dorfman
  • Pauline Chalamet

Interesting Facts And Controversies

Julia Fox has led an interesting life despite her young age. Here are some of the more interesting facts people know about Julia Fox: 

  • She worked as a dominatrix for six months
  • Posed for the last nude edition of Playboy in 2015
  • Received a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Toronto Film Critics Association

Julia Fox Personal Life

In 2018, Julia Fox married a private pilot named Peter Artemiev. The couple separated in 2020. However, Julia Fox’s Instagram blew up with a breathtaking pregnancy photo shoot before the birth of a baby boy in 2021. His name is Valentino. 

The personal life of Julia Fox was splashed across headlines in 2022 when she began dating Kanye West, the famous ex of Kim Kardashian. She revealed the information and a brief story of how they met in an article for the Interview. 

Julia Fox said they met in Miami on New Year’s Eve, and there was instant chemistry between them. On their second date, Kaney West arranged a complete photo shoot for Julia Fox, complete with Miaou’s thong pants. 

However, the relationship was riddled with controversy as headlines screamed that Kanye West was dating Julia Fox while stalking and trying to win back his ex, Kim Kardashian. It was no surprise that the relationship did not even last a year. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the reason that they didn’t last. 

Julia Fox stated that it was due to their extremely busy schedules after spending over two weeks together. She said, “I tried my best to make it work. I already had a jam-packed life. How do I fit this really big personality into this already full life? It just wasn’t sustainable. I lost like 15 lbs. in that month.”

However, after confirming the couple were no longer together, Julia Fox stated that the two remain friends and don’t mind collaborating together. She stated that they still have a favorable opinion of one another. 

What Does The Future Hold For Julia Fox?

According to Julia Fox, being around Kanye West was like a crash course in being famous. She continues to enjoy acting, modeling and being a mom. As she makes more movies and is featured in more magazines, Julia Fox becomes more of a household name. The Julia Fox net worth will skyrocket as her career does. It hasn’t even reached its peak yet! 

Julia Fox FAQs

What is Julia Fox Net Worth?

Julia Fox net worth is currently $1 million USD.

How much money does Julia Fox earn?

Julia Fox earns $500,000 per year from various sources.

How tall is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox is 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)

How old is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox is currently 34 years old.

When is Julia Fox birthday?

Julia Fox birthday is on 2nd February.