10 Mind Shattering Medieval Weaponry Used Throughout History

The Medieval Era was rife with wars, combat, and mankind killing each other off. They did so by the use of sophisticated weaponry that allowed them to stop their enemies in their tracks, effectively killing anyone in their way. Some of these weapons were used for combat and destruction, while others were more for defensive purposes. In any case, these ten items were absolutely mind-shattering, especially to those who were facing against them at the time.

Gun Shield

The Gun Shield was supposedly use by the body guard to Henry VIII. Basically, this weapon a wooden shield with a hole in the center for a pistol to be stuck through and fired.

Sword Breaker

When it comes to sword versus sword combat, both combatants are equally matched. However, if one of them has a sword breaker, which has teeth to catch the opponent’s weapon, then you know who is going to win.