Howard Stern Net Worth

Howard Stern Net Worth
Net Worth: $650 Million
Salary: $90 Million Per Year
Real Name: Howard Allan Stern
Date of Birth: 12th January 1954
Age: 70 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Profession: Radio Personality, Actor, Photographer, Screenwriter, Producer
Nationality: American
Updated: 30th June 2023
Howard Stern Net Worth:
$650 Million

Howard Stern's Salary

$90 Million Per Year

The American radio and television personality, comedian, and author Howard Stern net worth is $650 million. He is most well known for his radio show, The Howard Stern Show. His show gained popularity when it was syndicated nationally on terrestrial radio from 1986 to 2005. Since 2006, he has been broadcasting on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, with Howard Stern’s career and net worth seemingly having no upper limit on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Stern landed his first radio job whilst still attending Boston University. He developed his on-air personality through morning positions at “WRNW in Briarcliff Manor, New York; WNBC in Halford, Connecticut; WWWW in Detroit, Michigan, and WWDC in Washington.”

America’s Got Talent Judge

In 1982, he worked at WNBC, in New York, in the afternoons before he was fired from his position in 1985. From there, he pursued his career by starting a 20-year run at WXRK in New York City. Howard Stern’s show entered syndication in 1986 and was aired in 60 different markets. It attracted 20 million listeners when it peaked. From 2012 to 2015, he worked as a judge on America’s Got Talent, replacing Piers Morgan.

Howard the Photographer 

In recent years, Stern’s photography was featured in Hamptons and WHIRL magazines, adding to his net worth. Howard Stern won numerous industry awards for his radio program, as well as Billboard’s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year, eight years in a row. He was the first to simultaneously have the number one morning show in New York City and Los Angeles. An impressive progression given his humble beginnings at Boston University.

With a record of becoming the most fined radio host, the Federal Communications Commission issued fines to Howard Stern that totaled $2.5 million to all station owners for sharing content that seemed or was deemed indecent. Surprising then that he was invited to the Miss America Pageant. Once Stern had signed a five-year deal with Sirius in 2004, he became one of the highest-paid radio figures. Howard Stern salary has him earning up to $500 million. Howard Stern’s net worth continues to grow with each passing year.

Howard Stern – “The King of All Media”

Born in Queens, New York City, on January 12, 1954, to parents Ben and Ray Stern, Howard has come a long way. Since the year 1992, Howard Stern net worth has increased to the point that he describes himself as the “King of All Media” due to his success outside the radio station. Many late-night television shows, pay-per-view events, and home videos were hosted and produced by Stern. He is the author of two books, Private Parts, and Miss America, which were entered into the New York Times Best Seller list. Miss America was number one and sold over one million copies.

Howard the Singer

1993’s Private Parts was made into a biographical comedy film in 1997 where Howard Stern and his radio staff star as themselves. In its opening week, it topped the US box office and earned as much as $41.2 million domestically. Stern performed on the soundtrack, which achieved the Billboard 200, placed at number one, and was certified platinum for every one million copies sold. Howard Stern’s third book was released in 2019 and is called Howard Stern Comes Again.

Howard Stern’s Net Worth

Stern’s Sirius satellite radio show debuted on January 9th, 2006. Since then, he has gone on to gross over $1 billion at Sirius. This is in addition to the hundreds of millions he had earned while on the regular show. Howard signed a five-year extension with Sirius, which is reportedly worth $120 million per year, or $600 million in total. This extension was confirmed on December 9th, 2020. Howard Stern may make $120 million per year, but a large majority is put towards production costs, which include the salaries of personalities like Robin Quivers and Gary Dell-Abate. As an estimate, the two earn $10 million and $4 million a year, i.e., $14 million per year.

Howard Stern Net Worth

Howard Stern’s Tax Problem

If we are to assume that additional costs will cost between $10-15 million, Howard Stern would personally be left with $90 million before taxes and agent fees. His agent(s) generally take 10%, which will bring his salary down to $80 million. Tax will take half of that, meaning Stern is left with $40 million per year. 

If Howard Stern were to maintain his current work schedule of three shows a week, with 40 weeks a year, in total, he would host 120 shows a year. Looking at the total of 120 shows and his net earnings of $40 million, after all the necessary costs, Howard Stern would be left with $333,333 per show.

Howard Stern Show

This is an American show hosted by Howard Stern which gained wide recognition. It has aired on Howard 100 and Howard 101. Since 2006, these two uncensored channels are on the subscription-based satellite radio service SiriusXM. Other important staff members include the co-host and news anchor, Robin Quiver, the writer, Fred Norris, as well as the executive producer, Gary Dell-Abate. This crew also includes former members such as Jackie Martling, Billy West, John Melendez, and finally, Artie Lange.

The Howard Stern Show

On top of the radio broadcast, The Howard Stern Show has been filmed since 1994 and is broadcast on various networks. This includes E! as well as CBS television channels. From 2005 to 2013, it changed to HowardTV, which was Stern’s own on-demand digital cable channel.

The Sirius XM Radio Show

Sirius XM launched a mobile app to allow subscribers and followers to easily access all video clips of the show to watch and follow in their own time. This operation was launched in 2018. To commemorate the opening of the new SiriusXM studio, the show aired live in Los Angeles in October 2019. This marked the show’s very first broadcast in New York City since 2004.

In his younger days, Howard Stern was reckless in terms of how he spoke and his disregard for offending those on the show and those listening. During an interview with Madonna, Stern said of his earlier years on the radio, “I used to say bad things about everybody… I was an angry young man.” In 2020, he was criticized for using the n-word on set in 1993.

Addressing this recent criticism, Stern states, “The shit I did was crazy… I’ll be the first to admit it. I won’t go back and watch those old shows; it’s like, who is that guy? But that was my shtick, that’s what I did, and I own it.”

Both of Stern’s colleagues state that he has “evolved” since then and thus continues his legacy on The Howard Stern Show.

Howard Stern FAQs

What is Howard Stern Net Worth?

Howard Stern net worth is currently $650 million USD.

How much money does Howard Stern earn?

Howard Stern earns $90 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Howard Stern?

Howard Stern is 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)

How old is Howard Stern?

Howard Stern is currently 70 years old.

When is Howard Stern birthday?

Howard Stern birthday is on 12th January.