BTS Net Worth

BTS Net Worth
Net Worth: $100 Million
Salary: $36 Million Per Year
Real Name: Bangtan Boys (BTS)
Date of Birth: 1st January 1970
Age: 54 years old
Gender: Male
Height: See article
Profession: Actors, Singers, Songwriters, Rappers, Composers
Nationality: South Korean
Updated: 2nd July 2023
BTS Net Worth:
$100 Million

BTS's Salary

$36 Million Per Year

BTS should seriously consider switching the S for the $ dollar sign. If their current net worth figures are anything to go by, it’s clear that the K-pop super group’s sights are set way beyond the skies. What with over 2,490,969 copies sold barely a month after releasing their latest album ‘Butter’, what’s not to love about this sleek K-pop group? Formally known as the Bangtan Boys, BTS has made a huge impact and started to set trends not only in their home country but across the globe. From as far back as 2013, BTS tested the waters by releasing singles and gaining an impressive following across all social media platforms.

It was not until 2014 when they officially released their album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ that took the world by storm. Today, BTS is ranked the K-pop top contender competing with renowned musicians for the number one spot in the top 200 billboard charts. The band’s Jungkook, RM, Jin, V, Suga, Jimin, and J Hope individually and collectively own merchandise, do music collaborations with other top artists, projects, and numerous separate investments. Thus they’ve amassed significant wealth and have the paychecks to prove it. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what this successful band’s worth is.

What is BTS Net Worth?

This supergroup is worth US $100 million with an annual salary of $36 million as of 2022. This figure is based only on the BTS brand and is not a collective figure of what each BTS member’s net worth is.

The band makes most of its money performing on tours in different countries, producing and writing songs, and investing individually.

According to sources, the BTS world tour in 2020 September made the group a whopping $170 million. Their music label, ‘Big Hit Entertainment’ declared their quest to go public on the South Korean Stock Exchange during the same time the group made this record-breaking tour. Each of the seven BTS members was allocated shares before the declaration with each one taking home $7.9 million worth of stakes by the end of the first day of trading.

BTS Net Worth

About BTS

BTS is short for ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’, a Korean phrase meaning ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’. In 2017 the group made a public appearance declaring their quest to rebrand and adopt a new identity. They said that BTS would now mean ‘Beyond The Scene’. The band started as a hip-hop group. Over time, however, they’ve tried their hand at making music that extends to other music genres like R&B and K-pop. This has fetched even more fans and has had a huge impact on the boy band’s popularity locally and internationally.

Their first album ‘2 Kool 4 Skool’ was released in 2013 followed by a second album release titled ‘Dark & Wild’ in 2014. Eight years down the line and BTS’s popularity is growing even stronger. They continue to break bounds, surpassing all expectations by smashing records and winning many international music awards.

This band’s ability to change with the times is why their popularity never falters. Their scheduled 2020 tour had to be canceled owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The BTS response was to launch ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ a concert series where they held regular recorded and live performances for fans to conveniently watch at home. The group managed to keep their fans satisfied despite Covid restrictions, a move that grew massive love and loyalty from smitten fans.

Early Life

It all started in 2010 when Bang Si-hyuk scouted a distinct talent for rapping in RM, one of the first BTS members. Bang Si-hyuk is the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, the main record label for BTS. The CEO’s goal was to create a strong enough boy band to battle 1TYM, another popular boy band from the YG Entertainment record label, for the top spot. He, however, changed his mind and instead decided to unveil BTS as an idol group. BTS focused on creating music that was less socially conscious and more ‘hip-hoppy’.

They featured in many songs with renowned artists like Lee Seung-gi and 2 AM and planned to make their official debut in 2011. These plans were, however, postponed. Fast forward to 2013, the BTS boy band came back stronger than ever. During the time the boys were away, they remained active on their social media platforms and sang popular song covers. This helped pull a growing crowd that made enough noise to grab the world’s attention. They announced their debut as BTS on June 12, 2013, when they released ‘2 Kool 4 Skool’, BTS’s first single album.


Other than music, BTS has ventured into untethered grounds by giving fans a peek into their professional and personal lives. For example, their 8-part docu-series ‘Burn the Stage’ released in 2018 that was turned into a movie showing snippets of their Wings tour raked in $2.4 million the first weekend alone. The band also has several reality and variety shows like ‘Rookie King: Bangtan’, ‘BTS Gayo’, and ‘Let’s BTS’

In the South Korean economy alone, the BTS worth has crossed the $3.6-billion-dollar mark. Several top companies like Coca-Cola, Hyundai, and Mattel scramble to make BTS their brand ambassadors. The boy band also works with international brands like McDonald’s, Louis Vuitton, and Fila. The band’s recent hit ‘Butter’ in conjunction with CASETiFY saw the group sell hundreds of thousands of smartwatch bands, phone covers, Air Pod cases, and other items as part of the BTS Butter x CASETiFY collection. With the above BTS endorsement information in mind, it’s not hard to see how and why BTS’S net worth ranked top and continues to swell. Note that each of the seven BTS members separately owns businesses, assets, and other investments that add on to their wealth making them millionaires.

BTS Group photo

BTS Each Individual Members Net Worth, Date of Birth, Height and Biography

Below is a brief look into the BTS members’ net worths and personal life.

  • Jungkook – His real name is Jeon Jung-kook. He was born on 1st September 1997 and is 1.79 m tall. Beyond music, Jungkook is the most searched idol on YouTube, Jungkook is also a professional Badminton player whose worth is $20 million. Call him jungkook or budding actor.
  • RM – His real name is Kim Nam-joon. He was born on 12th September 1994 and is 1.81 m tall. A revered singer and songwriter with over 130 songs on his collar, RM’s worth is an estimated $22 million.
  • Jin – His real name is Kim Seok-jin. He was born on 4th December 1992 and is 1.79 m tall. Jin comes from a wealthy and influential family and has a strong background in the music and art industries. He particularly enjoys……. And has an approximate net worth of $20 million.
  • V – His real name is Kim Tae-Hyung. He was born on 30th December 1995 and is 1.79 m tall. A budding actor, v is the most popular member of the BTS group with an Instagram following of over 41 million followers. His estimated net worth is $20 million.
  • Suga – His real name is Min Yoon-gi. He was born on 9th March 1993 and is 1.74 m tall. Suga has written and produced over 70 songs and is worth over $25 million.
  • Jimin – His real name is Park Ji-min. He was born on 13 October 1995 and is 1.74 m tall. Jimin’s net worth is about $20 million. He loves singing and performing.
  • J Hope – His real name is Jung Ho-seok. J Hope was born on 18 February 1994 and is 1.77 m tall. J hope the richest BTS member with a net worth of well over $26 million.

What Are BTS Up to Today?

BTS are set to make their grand entrance on the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame in 2022. They’ve only been around for a little over eight years but have made a supernatural impact that leaves their fans and other budding artists in awe with their mega-hit songs. They are set to perform in Vegas this year. The four Vegas shows sold out even before the tickets officially went on public sale. BTS continues to push barriers to gain popularity and recognition globally as a k pop supergroup and is quite frankly the most successful boy band alive producing billboard hot 100 hit songs.


What is BTS Net Worth?

BTS net worth is currently $100 million USD.

How much money does BTS earn?

BTS earns $36 million per year from various sources.

How tall is BTS?

BTS is See article

How old is BTS?

BTS is currently 54 years old.

When is BTS birthday?

BTS birthday is on 1st January.