DJ Khaled Net Worth

DJ Khaled Net Worth
Net Worth: $75 Million
Salary: $5 Million Per Year
Real Name: Khaled Mohammed
Date of Birth: 26th November 1975
Age: 48 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Profession: Rapper, Record Producer, Radio Personality, Music Producer, Songwriter, Disc Jockey
Nationality: Palestinian
Updated: 29th June 2023
DJ Khaled Net Worth:
$75 Million

DJ Khaled's Salary

$5 Million Per Year

DJ Khaled, who rose to popularity and is currently experiencing a lot of success, is better renowned for his music or for the number of followers he has on social media. 

Working as a host at a radio station gave the renowned music executive, songwriter and disc jockey a start in the industry. Khaled subsequently went on to produce music and act as a DJ, where he demonstrated his enormous talent.

DJ Khaled is not only talented, but he is the best DJ who also understands how to sell himself. Any of his social media profiles will show you why he has millions upon millions of followers. His large personality, playful approach to things, and charisma have helped him become one of music’s top personalities. 

However, fans are curious about Dj Khaled’s net worth due to his unconventional lifestyle. So, what is DJ Khalid’s net worth?

Who Is Dj Khaled?

DJ Khaled has won Grammy Awards, Ozone Awards, and BET hip hop awards, and is an American record producer best known for his hip hop and R&B smash singles. Khaled Mohammed Khaled, better known by his stage name DJ Khaled, is an American record executive and producer. Khaled Mohamed Khaled was born on November 26, 1975, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Khaled’s parents were Palestinians who chose to go to the United States. 

Dj Khaled’s parents played Arabic music. This allowed him to be exposed to music in his early life and dream about American music awards. DJ Khaled, known as the “Anthem King” and dubbed the “Quincy Jones of Hip Hop and R&B,” is a major force in the music industry who has worked with many top artists like Rick Ross and Kanye West.

Khaled was also a part of the victorious crossover songs that played a part in boosting his music career as he was surrounded by a cast of high-profile collaborators. These include Drake, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Fat Joe, Demi Lovato and Rihanna’s Khaled’s first studio album, the second album to the 8th one all charted in the Top 20, but his ninth and tenth, Major Key (2016) and Grateful (2017), respectively, topped the Billboard 200.

DJ Khaled Family

Dj Khaled Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what DJ Khaled’s net worth is? DJ Khaled’s net worth is expected to be $ 75 million. He went from living out of his van to making some rap soul music for some of the industry’s biggest names. 

DJ Khaled owns a Miami Beach estate. Khaled purchased Robbie Williams’s former house, a 10 million mansion in Beverly Hills. He also owns a Hibiscus Island mega-mansion and has a variety of high-end luxury vehicles, including:

  • 1991 BMW M3
  • 2018 Range Rover Sport
  • 2018 Cadillac Escalade
  • 2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith
  • Audi Q5
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Mercedes G-Class

How He Made It

DJ Khaled’s net worth is $75 million as of May 2022, thanks to all of his achievements. He’s on his way up in the world. Take a peek at how he made it.

DJ Khaled has always had a hustler mentality. It’s no secret that he’s a natural networker. In reality, he made use of his charisma from the start of his career. Khaled worked at the Odyssey record store in New Orleans as one of his first jobs. 

He met some up-and-coming artists there and got to know them before their big breaks. Birdman, Mavado, and even Lil Wayne are among these performers.

Khaled worked his way up the music industry’s success ladder and is now a well-known music producer and social media celebrity. DJ Khaled has amassed a fortune through his musical career and business endeavors. 

Khaled used to DJ in clubs for $1,000 a night when he first started becoming noticed in the neighborhood. He later became well-known after co-founding a discussion radio show with Luther Campbell of the 2 Live Crew. 

His most notable professional achievement was his appointment as CEO of Def Jam South record label in 2009, a position he held until 2021. As well as the CEO and creator of the ‘We the Best Music Group, where most of his net worth comes from.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dj Khaled net worth is $75 million. Khaled has amassed such a large following partly due to his obvious talent, but he is also incredibly social media savvy. 

Between 2017 and 2018, he earned $30 million via endorsements and more traditional income from his music releases. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has made a lot of millions in his lifetime. 

He earns millions via sponsorships with Apple, Weight Watchers, T-Mobile, and Ciroc, in addition to his role as a judge on ‘The Four, which all adds to Dj Khaled net worth.

6 Quick Facts About Dj Khaled

  • His first and last names are the same. 
  • DJ Khaled attended Dr. Phillips High School but was unable to complete his schooling due to his family’s financial difficulties.
  • He’s a restaurant owner who once got lost at sea. 
  • He’s Palestinian-American and used to be a radio station as a DJ before becoming a producer. 
  • Bob Marley is one of his favorite musicians.
  • He’s married to his wife Nicole Tuck
  • He was in the movie Bad Boys


DJ Khaled has risen to prominence and collaborated with some of the most talented hip-hop musicians of our time. DJ Khaled is one of the most influential musicians of all time, and he’s only becoming bigger. 

Dj Khaled net worth is calculated to be $75 million and there’s no doubt that this figure will rise in the coming years.

DJ Khaled FAQs

What is DJ Khaled Net Worth?

DJ Khaled net worth is currently $75 million USD.

How much money does DJ Khaled earn?

DJ Khaled earns $5 million per year from various sources.

How tall is DJ Khaled?

DJ Khaled is 5 ft 5 in

How old is DJ Khaled?

DJ Khaled is currently 48 years old.

When is DJ Khaled birthday?

DJ Khaled birthday is on 26th November.