10 Studies That Yielded Stange And Bizarre Results

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Our society is an amalgam of a plethora of unique elements that makes everyday life so beautifully interesting. Understanding the world around us is quite a difficult task because the world and the people who inhabit it are constantly changing. There are thousands of studies that are being conducted every year that aim to help us make sense of the world by providing unique insights. Here is a list of 10 studies that managed to provide some unique, unexpected and bizarre results.

Love For Bacon

According to a study conducted by the Maple Leaf Foods Inc. in 2010, 43% of Canadians would pick bacon over having sex if they were left with no other option. The organization decided to make the most out of the results of this study by creating a new bacon-based lubricant called ‘Baconlube’.

Married Women Love Their Alcohol

People assume that marriage tends to make life a bit more sober and mellow. A study conducted in 2012, however, revealed that married women tend to drink a lot more than single women, divorced women and widowed women.

Psychology Of Internet Trolls

The internet is domain that gives voice to the voiceless and also allows people to anonymously state their opinions. Perhaps the worst side effect of this is the rise of the ‘Internet Trolls’. A study conducted by the University of Manitoba showed that people who tend to troll the internet have a sadist mentality. According to the study, there is a direct link between internet trolls and prevalence of psychological conditions such as sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

John Hopkins’ Magic Mushroom Study

There is a negative stigma associated with using Magic Mushrooms and psychedelics in society but a study conducted by John Hopkins had some surprising results. Nearly everyone who participated in the experiment walked away from the psychedelic experience feeling happier, kinder and calmer. Apart from that, the drug also altered a person’s personality in the long run, making them focus on more creative ventures and pursue their passions. The most striking part of this study was the fact that the drug acted as a deterrent to smoking, with nearly 80% of the participants quitting smoking after just three sessions.

Rich Panhandlers

Panhandlers aren’t someone you would directly associate with wealth in any way, but private research conducted by the Oregon Police Department had shocking results. Apparently Panhandlers in the region were making upwards of 300 dollars a day. Cashiers in the region have to work for a week to make the same amount of money.

Murder Fantasies

We like to think of ourselves as nice and normal people who like to do no harm, but we do not realize how much of a role the evolutionary cycle plays in our decision making. Psychologist David Buss studied over 5,000 people around the world in order to determine if people are naturally violent or not, and it turns out that 91% of all men and 84% of all women have fantasized about murdering someone at one point of their or another. The psychologist went on to conclude that killing is fundamentally in our nature and is a major part of human evolution.

Bigger Breasts

Lingerie giant ‘Intimacy’ decided to conduct a strange survey in order to determine the average breast size of women in America and it turns out that the breasts of American women are actually getting bigger. According to the study, the average breast size in America has grown from 34B to 34DD in just 20 years.

Sherlock Homes Is Real

There is a rising tide of ignorance around the world despite the growth of the technological and information sectors. A recent study in Britain tried to understand how well-informed British teenagers actually were, and it turns out that they are quite clueless. One of the questions on the survey asked teenagers if Sherlock Homes was real and a staggering 58% actually believed that the detective existed in history.

The Eyferth Study

The world is full of popular misconceptions and science plays a major role in breaking people’s beliefs regarding these faulty facts. The Eyferth Study, conducted in 1959, tried to determine if mixed racial kids and white kids shared the same intellectual capacity. The world was actually in the midst of racial discrimination at that point and the study debunked the superiority claim that white people held in a big way. The results showed that the IQ’s of children between the ages of 5 and 13 were similar across all races and any difference seen after that were largely due to sociological reasons.

Non-vegetarian Vegetarians

There are a lot of people in America who claim to be vegetarian but a study conducted in 2003 had some shocking results. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, of all the vegetarians they had contacted during the study, nearly 66% of people had eaten meat in the last 24 hours. This means that barely one-third of all vegetarians in the country are actually complete vegetarians.