10 Celebrity Engagements That Seemed To Come Out The Blue

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Despite being in the public eye a lot of the time, we’re still a bit thrown when a celebrity does something a little surprising or downright shocking. Whether it’s being caught with drugs, spurting something outrageous or offensive that’s caught on tape or even getting engaged to someone seemingly out the blue, many of us become quite shocked with such unfurling news.

The following list outlines celebrity engagements that surprised us all and that hardly anyone saw coming. Which is a bit strange when you think about it; with their lives on display much of the time, it’s almost impressive they managed to keep such huge news private until the last second.

Rohan Marley And Isabeli Fontana

Despite being in a 13-year relationship with former Fugees member Lauryn Hill (they even had four kids together), Rohan Marley never married her. So it was quite a surprise when not long after they split, the son of Bob Marley announced his engagement to Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana. Sadly, they split in 2013.

Kelly Rowland And Tim Witherspoon

Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland announced her engagement to boxer Tim Witherspoon by flashing her engagement ring on Queen Latifah’s talk show. Talk about classy.

Big Sean And Naya Rivera

It’s not unusual for celebrities to tie the knot so early into a relationship, but rapper Big Sean got engaged to actress Naya Rivera just six months after they met. The pair allegedly began talking over Twitter not long after Sean’s previous relationship had ended.

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries

Of course it makes sense for a reality TV star to have a wedding filmed for television, but NBA star Kris Humphries even proposed to Kim in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted 72 days.

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon

This secret was kept under lock and key until the news was announced that Mariah and Nick were to be married at a private ceremony. Nick Cannon even got a tattoo of his new wife on his back to immortalise the occasion.

Katy Perry And Russell Brand

To some, comedian and television presenter Russell Brand may not seem like the type to get engaged, let alone married. But many were just as surprised when Russell and Katy tied the knot after just four months of dating. Guess how that turned out…

Ashlee Simpson And Evan Ross

When the mother of Evan Ross (the one and only Diana Ross) seemed rather unhappy with her son dating Ashlee Simpson, most people weren’t expecting them to just go ahead and get engaged anyway. But not only did they go through with it, they held the ceremony at Diana’s Connecticut estate.

George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin

When George Clooney divorced in 1993, he said he would never get married again. But he wouldn’t be on this very list if he hadn’t broken that promise. Sure enough, after a few months of dating human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, they did the thing he said he would never do.

Johnny Depp And Amanda Heard

Amanda heard what? Ha ha! No but seriously, like Rohan Marley, Johnny Depp was in a very committed relationship and never tied the knot, so it was a bit left-of-field when he popped the question to actress Amanda Heard after dating her for a year.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

Despite being one of the most rich and powerful husband and wife team in Hollywood, it was actually their children who convinced them to finally tie the knot. Despite refusing to marry until homosexual couples were granted the same rights, the pair unionised their relationship in 2012.