Dave Grohl Net Worth

Dave Grohl Net Worth
Net Worth: $320 Million
Salary: $30 Million Per Year
Real Name: David Eric Grohl
Date of Birth: 14th January 1969
Age: 55 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Drummer, Musician
Nationality: American
Updated: 29th June 2023
Dave Grohl Net Worth:
$320 Million

Dave Grohl's Salary

$30 Million Per Year

Dave Grohl is one of the most famous rock musicians in America. In addition to being a rock musician, he also directed movies and short films and was a prolific songwriter and singer. In total, this singer, musician, and drummer has a net worth of approximately $320 million.

Dave Grohl is also known as the prolific frontman for the band Foo Fighters and was also associated with the international phenomenon Nirvana. The girl has carved an incredible career for himself in the music industry over the decades and continues to shine in the spotlight to this day.

About Dave Grohl

The singer, musician, and drummer Dave Grohl was born in Warren, Ohio, to Virginia Grohl and James Grohl in 1969. His parents divorced seven years later, and his mother raised Dave and his sister in Springfield, Virginia. Dave started learning guitar via lessons at age 12 but opted to drop the lessons and became self-taught to play guitar by the young age of 13 years. Part of his inspiration was a trip to visit his cousin Tracy living in Chicago. This trip was his introduction to punk rock and his first concert. He went to see a band called Naked Raygun at the Cubby Bear in Chicago in 1982. Dave Grohl also taught himself to play the drums later, at 16 years of age. His first band was a hard-core punk band started in 1985 named Dain Bramage, in which he played drums and was ten years younger than the rest of the bandmates. 

Dave Grohl was also politically active in high school, where he attended Thomas Jefferson high school. In fact, he served as his class’s freshman vice President. Dave then attended Bishop Ironton high school and continued playing music with a few local bands that were interested in punk music through high school.

However, he never completed his high school education because David Grohl dropped out of school at 17 when he chose to audition for a rock band named Scream. Dave was the band’s youngest member, once again having lied about his age. However, he continued to play music with them, and the band had some success. They went on tour and released two albums over the course of time.  

Dave Grohl met his then-to-be bandmates at a Scream gig, where his friend from Melvins, Buzz Osborne, had taken Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic to see a show. Later in the year, the two were interested in finding a drummer for a new band project, and Buzz facilitated the meeting by giving Dave their number. He then traveled to Seattle, where he made a critical move for his music career and auditioned for Nirvana and was invited to play in the band as the lead drummer and effectively joined Nirvana. 

The band released several successful studio and live albums over the years and achieved iconic status. Perhaps the most significant success for the band was the 1991 album Nevermind, which catapulted the band to fame during the Grunge era in Seattle. The movement spread all over the country in a short time, and Nirvana was considered one of the pioneers of that sound. The album Nevermind was featured on MTV with the video release of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which was partially responsible for the band’s fame. 

Over the next few years, the band would have many top hits in rock music that became popular globally and gained millions of fans, and Dave was Nirvana’s longest-serving drummer. Each album was a success, but everything came to a halt when frontman Kurt Cobain died in 1994. After Kurt Cobain’s death, Dave spent many hours writing and producing dozens of cassette tape tracks where he was playing drums and all instruments on the tracks. He then passed them out to friends with the title Foo Fighters without mentioning his name. Capital Records came across one of the tapes that caught their ear. They signed Dave to a record deal without realizing he wasn’t yet a full band but would be shortly having scouted some top musicians such as Nate Mendel to become the band named Foo Fighters we know of today, and Dave was the lead singer of the band. They went on to release their highly successful debut album later that year. 

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have currently released nine studio albums and won several Grammy Awards. Their record sales are in the tens of millions, and they are one of the most popular bands in the world. He also worked with other bands on new projects, including the rock band Queens of the Stone Age but recorded under the name of Them Crooked Vultures. Later, Them Crooked Vultures went on to tour internationally and released an album called Them Crooked Vultures in 2009. They released two studio albums in total. He went on to be the Queens of the Stone Age drummer on a Queens of the Stone Age album.

Additionally, Grohl appeared on Saturday Night Live with not only his bands but the bands of others. Some stars Dave Grohl performed with included John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and Mick Jagger. He was a guest a total of 13 times, which is more than any musical guest invited to the show. 

Dave Grohl got into directing with his debut project, a documentary about the Sound City Recording studios, in 2013. Grohl produced and directed Sonic Highways, featured on HBO in 2014. He also created the documentary “What Drives US” in 2020 and directed the movie “Studio 666”, which was released in 2022, and featured the Foo Fighters and various celebrities along with a new project that featured a thrash metal song in the film. Additionally, he directed Foo Fighters’ music videos through the years. 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dave has received many awards over the years as a musician. Some awards Dave Grohl received were induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the Foo Fighters frontman and multiple Grammys. He and Foo Fighters were the last musical guests on David Letterman and have remained great friends with the Late Night host over the years. Grohl guest hosted Chelsea Lately on E! Entertainment Network as well. He also voiced the character featured on Daria named Daniel Dotson.

Dave Grohl’s Personal Life

Dave Grohl was married to photographer Jennifer Leigh Youngblood in 1994, but the couple divorced in December 1997. Later in August 2003, he married Jordyn Blum. Over time, Grohl and Jordyn Blum had a total of three daughters: Ophelia Saint, Harper Willow, and Violet Maye. They currently live in Encino but are the San Fernando Valley area advocates. 

Dave Grohl FAQs

What is Dave Grohl Net Worth?

Dave Grohl net worth is currently $320 million USD.

How much money does Dave Grohl earn?

Dave Grohl earns $30 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Dave Grohl?

Dave Grohl is 6 ft (1.83 m)

How old is Dave Grohl?

Dave Grohl is currently 55 years old.

When is Dave Grohl birthday?

Dave Grohl birthday is on 14th January.