Master P Net Worth

Master P Net Worth
Net Worth: $250 Million
Salary: $20 Million Per Year
Real Name: Percy Robert Miller  
Date of Birth: 29th April 1970
Age: 54 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Profession: Rapper, Producer, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Updated: 1st July 2023
Master P Net Worth:
$250 Million

Master P's Salary

$20 Million Per Year

Master P is a famous American rapper known by many not only as a musician but is known and respected by many in the music industry for his business acumen. He is an actor, entrepreneur and former basketball player. His real name is Percy Robert Miller and is well-known in the hip-hop world for his rap label, No Limit Records.

Throughout his musical career, he has released dozens of albums that have been certified 4 times Platinum and Triple Platinum, such as ‘Ghetto D’, ‘MP da Last Don’, and others. He also has a film production company that has produced films that raked in millions of cash. 

What Is Master P’s Net Worth?

Master P has an estimated worth of $250 million as of August 1, 2021. Most of his wealth comes from rapping and record-producing. Besides music, he has also earned his wealth from screenwriting, acting, and other ventures unrelated to music. In general, the rapper can be described as a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry.

Master P  is the founder of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball (GMGB) Basketball League and owns the Gators franchise and New Orleans. Another Master P’s net worth booster is his various investments and businesses, not forgetting his part in films and television shows. He is one of the richest figures in the hip-hop scene.

Even with his superb business skills, his most successful endeavor remains to be No Limits Records, a pioneer label that brought the Southern Rap sound to the mainstream by selling over 80 million records worldwide.  In 1998 alone, when the company was still in its infancy, No limit Enterprises fetched an estimated $110 million. In 2007, Master P released his first book, “Guaranteed Success.”

He appeared on Forbes magazine’s list and was ranked 10th in the list of America’s 40 Highest Paid Entertainers in 1998, with an estimated income of $57million.

Who Is Master P?

Master P was born on April 29, 1970, in New Orleans, California. He is the eldest among his four siblings. His two brothers, who go by their stage names “Silk The Shocker” and “C-Murder”, are also Platinum-selling rap artists.

Master P schooled at  Booker T. Washington High school and Warren Easton High School, where he was a professional basketballer, and that earned him an athletic scholarship to the University of Houston, where he dropped out and joined Merritt College to undertake a course in Business Administration.

He married his now divorced wife Sonya Miller in 1991 and they were blessed with nine children, including fellow rapper Lil’ Rome.

Master P Live Performance


Percy Miller is widely known for his record label; No Limits Records. Over the years, the label has reinvented and rebranded itself by launching under different names, such as Gutar Music Entertainment, New No Limits Records, and No Limit Forever Records.

His entertainment and financial conglomerate started in the 90s after the death of his grandfather. He used the $10000 life insurance settlement check he received after his grandfather’s death to open one of the most successful business empires in the 90s. He opened a record store on San Pablo Avenue in Richmond, California, known as No Limits Records and Tapes.

The record store focused on vending West Coast gangster rap, a genre that played a crucial role in marketing and popularizing his brand and striking a deal with Priority Records. The store gained more limelight after Snoop Dogg and Silk the Shocker worked on it.

The Orleans-based rapper’s breakthrough in music was brought about by the release of the “Ice Cream Man” album, which had ‘Mr. Ice Man’, and the “Ghetto D” album, which ranked position one on the Billboard 200 and has since then been certified 3x Platinum. His popularity grew more in 1997 after the success of his platinum single “Make “Em Say Uhh!”.

His seventh album, “MP Da Last Don” gained him more fame when it picked position one on the Billboard Top 200 Charts and has been certified 4x Platinum. Up to date, this is the best-selling rap album of all time.

In the late 90s, Master P signed contracts with two NBA clubs, the Toronto Raptors, and the Charlotte Hornets. However, he didn’t play for either club. Master P’s eldest son, Hercy Miller, is also a basketball player and plays for Xavier’s Men’s basketball team.

While his rap label was facing financial strains in the 90s, Master P didn’t sit back. Instead, he expanded his empire by investing outside of music. He started a real estate firm, started a jewelry business, started selling car rims, opened a gas station, a clothing line, a phone sex line business, sports management, a travel agency, and a video game company.

Master P’s business ventures are under one umbrella, No Limit Enterprises, becoming the biggest conglomerate in the world run by a rapper. Apart from music, Master P has also earned himself a career in the film and television industry. 

He has featured in films like ‘I Got the Hook Up’, “Foolish”, ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ and ‘Toxic’. He is remembered for his outstanding performance in Sitcom Romeo (2003-2006), where he featured alongside his eldest son, Lil Romeo.

On September 1, 2007, Master P released his first book, titled Guaranteed Success.

Awards and Hip Hop Artist Achievements

Master P has grabbed five Grammy’s in his career. He has also won honors and accolades, among them being ‘Induction Into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame’, an American Music Award, and ranked position 28 in the list of most influential rappers of all time.

Fun Facts About Master P

Master P’s life path is Number 5

Life Path Number 5 represents ‘The Free Spirit’. People who lead this life path have the ability to understand the deepest esoteric metaphysical changes.

Master P’s birthstone is Diamond.

The diamond represents everlasting love and once was thought to bring courage. The diamond is the symbol of innocence, eternity, purity, and courage.

Master P’s birth flower is Sweet Pea.

Daisy symbolizes true love, innocence, and purity.

Master P’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

Master P’s zodiac sign is Taurus. Taurus is April 20 – May 20. Persons born under the Taurus zodiac sign are often incredibly reliable, dedicated, and dependable. 

Generation X

Master P was born in the 1970s, the middle of Generation X.

What’s Next For Master P?

The rapper may not be releasing albums anymore. However, he has left a permanent mark on the rap industry. His life speaks to a man who was primed to leave no stone unturned in a bid to pull himself out of poverty.

Master P FAQs

What is Master P Net Worth?

Master P net worth is currently $250 million USD.

How much money does Master P earn?

Master P earns $20 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Master P?

Master P is 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)

How old is Master P?

Master P is currently 54 years old.

When is Master P birthday?

Master P birthday is on 29th April.