Jimmy Fallon Net Worth

Jimmy Fallon Net Worth
Net Worth: $60 Million
Salary: $16 Million Per Year
Real Name: James Thomas Fallon Jr.
Date of Birth: 19th September 1974
Age: 49 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Comedian, TV Presenter, Actor, Writer
Nationality: American
Updated: 29th June 2023
Jimmy Fallon Net Worth:
$60 Million

Jimmy Fallon's Salary

$16 Million Per Year

Although Jimmy Fallon had given his best shot to break into the Hollywood film industry as an actor, there’s no doubt regarding his superb talent as a TV talk show host. For those into sketch comedy and entertainment programs with a pop-culture focus or simply for some laughs and amusement — it’s hard to miss Jimmy Fallon as a show host.

Jimmy Fallon is most known for as the host of The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Unlike his counterparts, Fallon’s programs entertained viewers with a mixture of music, dancing, impersonations, and games than the typical one-on-one questions and answers of their invited guests. In 2020, The Tonight Show it attracted an average of 2.3 million nightly viewers. Regarding its Youtube channel, The Tonight Show StarringJimmy Fallon has 29.8 million subscribers and over 16 billion views as of 2021.

Fallon’s second comedy album, 2012 Blow Your Pants Off, brought him home a Grammy award in 2013 for Best Comedy Album.

In 2015, Jimmy Fallon almost permanently lost one of his fingers when he tripped over a rug in his house.

What is Jimmy Fallon’s Net Worth?

Jimmy Fallon’s career at NBC spanned over 18 years and is ongoing. As of writing, on July 2022, Jimmy Fallon’s net worth is US$60 million, but this figure could be higher. In 2013, Fallon was paid $11 million a year at NBC but various resources reported he earned around $16 million per year.

In 2021, Jimmy Fallon signed another 5-year contract with NBC. However, the contract is yet to be publicly released. Still, we can assume that it’s higher than the $16 million he previously earned given the competitive nature of show hosting, even more, so you’re given your own show. Furthermore, Fallon is still at the ripe age of 48, so there are at least another good 20 years in him, especially getting to do something he loves the most.

On top of that, he owned prime real estate locations such as New York city, which he’s leasing, and will only will sell at a much higher price. For instance, Fallon purchased apartment units in NYC for $5.8 million and listed the selling price for at a whopping $15 million. Given NYC is the most financially powerful city in the world, Fallon shouldn’t have any problem selling at the asking price shall he chooses to do so.

Who is Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon is a comedian, TV presenter, actor, and writer. The 48-year-old acclaimed TV host star full name is James Thomas Fallon Jr., was born on September 19, 1974, in the Bay Ridge neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City. He only has one sibling, an older sister, Gloria Fallon. His father, James Fallon, Sr. spent his teenage years singing at street-corners before serving in the U.S. military in the Vietnam war. His mother, Gloria, passed away at the age of 68 in 2017. Jimmy Fallon’s grandparents were immigrants from France and Germany. His family is of Irish, Norwegian, and German heritage.

Not long after his birth, his father started working as a machine repairman for IBM in Kingston, New York. Fallon described his childhood as safe and happy, however, his parents were overprotective toward their two kids — Fallon and his older sister spent most of their free time riding their bikes in the backyard, they weren’t allowed to leave the vicinity of their house.

His parents are Roman Catholics, Fallon himself is a devout Roman Catholic, later in his career he credited his great success to his faith. While attending the Roman Catholic school at St. Mary of the Snow his experiences as an altar-boy had Fallon considered being a priest at one point, but his love for comedy overrode his ambition. Back in his youth he mostly spent his time listening to radio programs that related to comedy and music. A radio program in particular The Dr. Demento Show he would often record it on a reel-to-reel recorder exposed him to both music and comedy.

During his teenage years he was obsessed with the late-night comedy program namely Saturday Night Live, he would watch it religiously. his parents had to pre-record the program and remove inappropriate parts before he was allowed to watch. Fallon and sister along with his friends would re-enact comedy sketches they saw on TV and doing impressions of famous people. During his adolescent years, at age of 13 he started play guitar so he can perform comedy and music in contests and shows.

Fallon attended Saugerties High School, NY. He was fond of performing on stage, even acted as a social director a few times, and he won a comedy contest performing impressions. After graduating from high school in 1992 he attended The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York majoring in computer science then switched to communications in his senior year. During colleage he often traveled by bus to perform sets at a comedy club in Times Square, NYC. Fallon left college with just one semester left to pursue his career in comedy. Fourteen years later, in 2009, he returned to his former college to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Jimmy Fallon’s Early Journey to Show Business

After Fallon dropped out of college in 1995, he moved to L.A. to pursue a full-time career in comedy. While trying to find his footing in Hollywood, Fallon often did a stand-up comedy, getting paid $7.50 per set. He joined classes to refine his skills and was part of the Groundlings improv group, where some members of SNL originally sprung from. In 1997, after two years with the Groundlings, the opportunity he had been waiting for his entire life arrived; Fallon had a chance to audition for Saturday Night Live (SNL) but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

Fallon moved on to became cast in a pilot presentation for Warner Bros. Fallon still remained very fixated with the Saturday Night Live program where in his contract with The WB, he had a very specific clause stating he is allowed to depart and join the SNL shall it comes calling.

A second chance for another audition for the SNL came knocking again when Fallon was 23. The message he received from several people wasn’t exactly a boost of confidence before his audition that the creator of the SLN, Lorne Michaels, wasn’t easily amused and never laughed at auditions. Fallon performed a celebrity walk-a-thon doing impressions of famous comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler — to the amazement by most people at that present time, Michaels and others could not help but laughed. The head writer of SNL, Tina Fey, stated among all the auditionees, Fallon is one of the two who is absolutely ready for the program.

Three weeks had passed since the audition with no news, and Fallon’s hope began to dwindle. Then Fallon was asked to meet the SNL creator, Michaels, at the Paramount studio in LA, and he got the job! The completely overwhelmed Fallon could only utter a few words to Michaels before he left “I’m going to make you proud.”

Living the Dream with SNL

Fallon debuted in the 24th season in 1998. He became a celebrity by the fourth episode — his largely female fan base deemed Fallon charming — as a result, a pile of letters was sent to Fallon’s desk.

Fallon’s SNL program mainly consisted of performing impressions and mimics of famous celebrities such as Robert De Niro and Jerry Seinfeld. In his second season, Fallon was promoted to repertory player.

During Fallon’s early career at SNL, he often drank with another fellow cast member, Horatio Sanz. According to them, it was to ‘blow off steam’ from work-related stress, and stated they both even ‘got in more than a few bar fights.’

Fallon initially envisaged, just like his previous predecessor his time at SNL was limited to three years. But to his surprise, NBC extended his contract to another three years and gave him the reins to an SNL, a sketch and satirical news program: Weekend Update co-hosting with the head writer Tina Fey. During this period, Fallon developed a close relationship with Michaels, where Fallon would consult things with Michaels, anything from dating to career advice. During one of the shows, Fallon developed a lifelong friendship with an actor and music artist Justin Timberlake when they performed a skit together.

Fallon is known to break character in sketches which both Michaels and himself knew can lead to the ruin of the program. There’s a term coined specifically for this: Jimmy Falloning. From his success as an SNL host — armed with experience and skills, he co-hosted the 2001 MTV Movie Awards and 2002 MTV Video Music awards.

A Move onto The Big Screen

Fallon took his ambition further and tried to make break into the Hollywood film business. His first lead role in an action-comedy Taxi (2004), starring along side Queen Latifah was a flop. Due to schedule conflicts with his new venture Fallon parted ways with SNL in 2004 on the 29th season.

By this time, 20th Century Fox already signed Fallon into another lead role, a romantic-comedy Fever Pitch (2005) starring Drew Barrymore. The film did not do any better than his first, Taxi.

The utter failure in the film business had Fallon gone into hiatus for a few years, moving back to New York. His friendship with Michaels was a prayer to Fallon’s career resurrection. Michaels pleaded with NBC to give Fallon the spot as the host after the departure of Conan O’Brien in NBC’s Late Night. Fallon spent eight months visiting places and studying previous shows from his predecessors such as The Larry Sanders Show. In 2008, Fallon was announced as O’Brien’s successor. But, NBC’s executives and others were skeptical of the choice.

Back To Being a Host

In 2009, Fallon was back to his familiar position, and with his own show, the premiered of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Unlike his counterparts from other channels, Fallon mixed his show with music, dancing, impersonations, and games. Staff from New York magazine dubbed the program as “the comedy of unabashed celebration.”

The program was a great success as older and younger audiences alike could relate to its built association with social media and the internet. In 2013, Fallon earned $11 million a year as the host of the Late Night program.

In 2013, Fallon was the first person to ever became a permanent host without having to start out being a guest host before a permanent spot is given. Fallon became Jay Leno’s successor on The Tonight Show. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is still running up to the present period. In 2016, Fallon won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host. In 2021, Fallon signed another 5-year contract with NBC. Fallon is only 48 years old as of writing, we will see more of him for a long time in the future.

Personal Life

Jimmy Fallon met his current wife, Nancy Juvonen who was one of the producers during the film production of Fever Pitch, Juvonen is also the co-founder of the production company Flower Films alongside longtime friend Drew Barrymore since 1995.

He proposed in 2007 on the dock of Juvonen’s family home, and the two tied the knot four months later. They have two daughters, Winnie and a surrogated daughter Francis Cole. They’re currently living in Sagaponack, New York. He also has a pet dog, a Golden Retriever who made a few appearances in his shows. People are sometimes puzzled why he named his dog Gary when it’s a female.

Real Estate

It was his close friend and the creator of SNL, Lorne Michaels who convinced Fallon to buy the property back when Fallon thought he couldn’t afford to do so.

The Fallon family is currently living in a $5.7 million mansion in the Hamptons, Long Island, NYC. He first bought an apartment unit in NYC in 2002 and a further four more units in the same building for a rough total of $5 million. In 2011 he listed it on market for a cool $15 million.

He also owned a property in Wolfeboro on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

Interesting Facts about Jimmy Fallon

  • He had written 7 children-related books.
  • He used to model for Calvin Klein.
  • In 2002 Fallon was named by People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People.
  • When Fallen breaks character people referred it as Jimmy Falloning.
  • In 2010, Fallon hosted the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.
  • In 2016 he was criticized by the media and viewers for ‘being soft’ on Donald Trump when Trump was a guest on his show by not asking controversial questions during the U.S. presidential election.
  • In 2022, Fallon received public condemnation for promoting non-fungible token (NFTs) during a show with Paris Hilton which he also owned. Which is a breach of contract regarding conflict of interest.
  • He had to cancel a few shows when his mother passed away in 2017. After his return, he became emotional during his show calling his mother “The best audience.”
  • During his childhood, his influences were Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, and Monty Python

Jimmy Fallon FAQs

What is Jimmy Fallon Net Worth?

Jimmy Fallon net worth is currently $60 million USD.

How much money does Jimmy Fallon earn?

Jimmy Fallon earns $16 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon is 6 ft (1.83 m)

How old is Jimmy Fallon?

Jimmy Fallon is currently 49 years old.

When is Jimmy Fallon birthday?

Jimmy Fallon birthday is on 19th September.