10 Atrocities The Mexican Cartels Have Committed

Back in the days when Pablo Escobar ran things throughout South America, the drug enterprise ran rampant throughout North, Central, and South America. Escobar was gunned down in 1993, though, which made the US government turn their attention from South America to Mexico in order to fight the cartels plying their trade there. The cartels used far more vicious methods in order to spread their drugs and gain some capital, which has shocked the entire world. Here are ten atrocities the Mexican cartels have committed.

San Fernando Massacres

Most of the victims of the cartels are rival members, but sometimes things get out of hand. The cartel, Los Zetas, intercepted a busload of civilians along Highway 101 in San Fernando. They shot every single one of them. Only one person survived.

Apodaca Prison Riot

The Apodaca Prison Riot, which occurred on February 19, 2012, became notorious after guards released multiple Los Zetas cartel members from their cells in the middle of the night and allowed them to attack rival members.