Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin Gates Net Worth
Net Worth: $1 Million
Salary: $163,000 Per Year
Real Name: Kevin Jerome Gilyard
Date of Birth: 5th February 1986
Age: 38 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Updated: 29th June 2023
Kevin Gates Net Worth:
$1 Million

Kevin Gates's Salary

$163,000 Per Year

Many well-known rap artists use their experiences as material for their lyrics. Kevin Gates profited from living on the streets. It is evident in his net worth. 

Rapper Kevin Gates has always attempted to convey a message to his listeners through his lyrics. Kevin Gates’ wealth demonstrates how well-liked he is among his fans. 

Let’s learn more about the American rapper Kevin Gates net worth, his career development, personal life, and facts.

What Is Kevin Gates Net Worth?

In 2022, it’s anticipated that Kevin Gates net worth is $1 million. Although he is still in the early stages of his career, he will soon rank among the top rappers. Gates is widely known in the music industry already.

Who Is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates is a Louisiana-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, and businessman with a $1 million net worth as of 2022. Given that his father was missing from his life and he got involved in crime at a young age, Kevin Gates’ upbringing was not always cheerful. 

Kevin Gates was 13 years old when he was arrested for the first time. When Kevin Gates was an adolescent, he and his father made amends, but he passed away soon after.

Gates has been a rapper since the middle of the 2000s, while he was still in his teenage years, even though he had only recently achieved mainstream recognition. With his neighbors Boosie Badazz and Webbie, he made his first sincere attempt at recording and publishing music when they collaborated on Gates’ debut studio album, Pick of Da Litter, and its follow-up, All or Nuthin, which was released not long after. This was the first place where the candid style of the rappers’ lyricism became apparent.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with various well-known performers on multiple occasions, but he first gained notoriety as a solo artist. After his debut mixtape, Pick of Da Litter, was released in 2007, Kevin Gates began to receive some attention.

The rapper rose to prominence in 2016 after releasing his debut studio album, Islah, selling over 93,000 copies in the US in its first week and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200. Following the release of his popular mixtapes, Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means, and Luca Brasi 2, Kevin became well-known in the music business. He has his own record label, Bread Winners Association, partnered with Atlantic Records.

Personal Life

Kevlar and Keisha are two of Kevin Gates’ children. After getting hitched in 2010, the pair lived together for eight years before divorcing in 2018. Kevin Gates’ wife, Dreka Gates, began dating a man behind bars while he was in jail, which caused their marriage to dissolve. As a result, Kevin Gates wrote “I Don’t Get Tired” when he was released from prison in 2011. 

In a secret ceremony at the Angola Prison following his release, he remarried his now-ex-wife. Gates was charged with assault in March 2018 after kicking a female fan during a performance in Lakeland, Florida.

How Kevin Gates Made His Money?

Gates’ primary income source is music production. In 2005, he signed a record deal with Dead Game Records. He signed with a record company, a young money entertainment company, Lil Wayne record label, in 2012. Kevin Gates released many tracks the next year and inked a deal with Atlantic Records later.

In addition to his job, Kevin also makes a respectable living from sponsorship. He has so far collaborated with significant businesses and supported numerous significant brands. I Don’t Get Tired, often known as IDGT, is a new energy drink Kevin invented in 2014. The beverage was created based on his 2014 single of the same name.

His other source of income includes Youtube. Nearly 7 million people subscribe to Kevin Gates’ official YouTube channel. He receives roughly $225k every 90 days from YouTube, $121k monthly, and $28.2k for the past seven days.

Interesting Facts About Kevin Gates?

  • Kevin Gates, 13, was arrested while driving a stolen vehicle. 
  • He repeatedly stabbed a victim outside of a movie theater after an argument in 2003, leading to his arrest. 
  • After kicking a concertgoer while performing, he received a three-month prison sentence in 2016.
  • In his own words, Kevin Gates is a nerd. He enjoys discovering new things. He thinks that the moment you stop growing, you begin to die.
  • On February 5, 1986, Kevin Gates was born in Louisiana, America, to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father. 
  • His father passed away at the age of fourteen from AIDS-related complications. 
  • Islah Koren Gates and Khaza Kamil Gates are his children. 
  • In 2005, he signed a record deal with Dead Game Records.
  • Kevin has more than 8.6 million followers on Instagram.


Kevin Gates is recognized as a rapper who mainly raps about his personal experiences. Born and raised on the streets, Kevin says he has experienced it all. Most of his followers are young black Americans who praise his singing and claim that it is relatable to life on the streets and that listening to his music has taught them how to live. He released songs that reached the top of the US charts, and despite being on the prison walls and beyond, he managed to carve out a pretty extraordinary career for himself.

As of August 2022, musician and rapper Kevin Gates’ net worth is roughly $1 million. Most of his income has come from CD sales and fully booked performances across the country. 

Kevin Gates FAQs

What is Kevin Gates Net Worth?

Kevin Gates net worth is currently $1 million USD.

How much money does Kevin Gates earn?

Kevin Gates earns $163,000 per year from various sources.

How tall is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates is 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

How old is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates is currently 38 years old.

When is Kevin Gates birthday?

Kevin Gates birthday is on 5th February.