Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry Jones Net Worth
Net Worth: $11.2 Billion
Salary: $5.5 Billion Per Year
Real Name: Jerald Wayne Jones
Date of Birth: 13th October 1942
Age: 81 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Businessman, Former Football Player
Nationality: American
Updated: 5th July 2023
Jerry Jones Net Worth:
$11.2 Billion

Jerry Jones's Salary

$5.5 Billion Per Year

Jerry Jones’s life is a testament to the value of hard work, persistence, and determination. These same qualities have led him to become a successful entrepreneur, CEO, and team owner. His net worth is more than most people can dream of.

Although Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1942, he spent his childhood in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where he played football and earned a scholarship to the University of Arkansas.

After graduating in 1965, Jerry Jones tried to open Shakey’s Pizza restaurants in Missouri, borrowing $1 million. He was unsuccessful and went on to work as executive vice president at his father’s insurance agency, Modern Security Life of Springfield. So, how much is this business mogul worth as of today?

Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, a National Football League (NFL) franchise. He has a net worth of $ 12.1 billion, making him the wealthiest owner in the NFL. 

Jerry Jones earned his first fortune as an executive vice president of Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri. He was also the founder and owner of Jones Oil and Land Lease, which searched for natural resources of oil and gas in Arkansas. In 1989, he purchased the Cowboys for $140 million; today, they’re worth at least $ 5.7 billion.

After the purchase of the team, Jones fired the only coach of the team, Tom Landry, and hired his former Arkansas teammate Jimmy Johnson as the head coach.  In 1996, the Cowboys hired Barry Switzer, who had previously been head coach at the University of Oklahoma and an NFL assistant for the Dallas Cowboys. Under Switzer, Dallas won Super Bowl XXX in 1995 with help from many former college players and coaches. 

Most notably, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith (who won a Super Bowl MVP award), Michael Irvin, and Larry Brown were prominent members of that team. Johnson’s influence was still apparent, as 70% of the starters were players who had played under him. The Cowboys have not won a Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXX.

Jones lives in an enormous home in the Highland Park area of Dallas, worth around $20 million. In 2018 and 2019, he bought more than 200 acres of land from Blue Star Land, his real estate development firm. Blue Star plans to develop this land into a 400,000-square-foot merchandising distribution and sales center for the Cowboys. 

Jerry Jones is currently among the five richest owners of NFL teams, including the greatest names, like Stan Kroenke of the Rams, Robert Kraft of the Patriots, David Tepper of the Panthers, and Stephen Ross of the Dolphins.

Who is Jerry Jones?

Jerry Jones was born on October 13, 1942, in Los Angeles, California, as Jerral Wayne Jones.  He attended North Little Rock High School and, later, the University of Arkansas on a football scholarship. 

At Arkansas, he joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity, was a co-captain of the football team, and was an all-SWC offensive lineman. He also played alongside Jimmy Johnson, whom Jones would later hire as his first head coach after he purchased the Cowboys.

After graduating from college in 1965, Jones borrowed a million dollars from the Teamsters union to open up a number of Shakey’s Pizza restaurants in Missouri. That experiment failed, but Jones redeemed himself when he went to work at Modern Security Life of Springfield. 

Jones purchased the Cowboys from H.R. “Bum” Bright for $140 million in 1989. Since purchasing the Cowboys, Jones has taken what was once a perennial loser and turned it into one of the most valuable teams in professional sports.

Jones and Cincinnati’s Mike Brown are two of the league’s only two owners with either the title or powers of general manager.

Later, Jones went back to do his master’s degree in business and graduated in 1970 from Arkansas University. After undertaking his master’s, Jerry launched a private company that undertakes natural resource prospecting called Jones Oil and land lease. In addition to this company, Jones entered into hospitality management by forming Legends Hospitality in partnership with Yankee Global Enterprises, a company that serves entertainment venues with beverages and other stadium operations.

Apart from his business life, Jerry Jones has a family. He married his wife Gene, whom he met while in college, and together they had three children who also played a bigger part in running his business. In addition, Jones is also blessed with 9 grandchildren.

How Jerry Jones Made His Money

Jerry Jones is the owner, president, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. Jones made his money through his ownership of the Dallas Cowboys football team, which is worth $5.6 Billion.

Jones also made his money from oil and gas investments through gas exploration and real estate development. He also owns several car dealerships in Texas and Oklahoma.

In addition, the tycoon businessman ventured into real estate and hospitality management,, creating Legends Hospitality with Yankee Global Enterprises as a partnership to provide food, beverage, merchandise, and retail services for entertainment venues such as Cowboys Stadium.

Interesting Facts About Jerry Jones

Having gone through some of Jerry Jones’ history and learning about his business and general life trajectory, let us learn some interesting facts about Jerry Jones.

  • Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner and a former co-captain of the University of Arkansas 1964 national championship team, has always been passionate about football.
  • His most valuable asset is the Dallas Cowboys, which he bought for $140 million in 1989. Today, the team’s value is estimated at $5.6 billion.
  • Jones made his first million in the oil business in the 1970s.
  • Jerry Jones had a deal in 2018 where he became the controlling shareholder of Comstock Resources, a publicly traded Texas oil and gas company.
  • Jones is an avid art collector and includes Norman Rockwell’s “Coin Toss” in his collection and paintings by Picasso, Renoir, and Matisse.

What is Jerry Jones Up to Today?

The Cowboys owner is known as one of the most visible owners in the NFL, but he hasn’t been seen much lately.

Jones and his son, Stephen Jones, have been traveling a lot. They’ve visited several NFL cities and have met with several other owners and executives around the league.

Jerry Jones’ adventures include New York City and Boston. Sources said that he has also been out west for at least two days recently.

Jones is still the owner of the cowboys and is notably still holding interests in his other businesses. With the billions, Jones is preferably enjoying his life and being a committed father and grandfather to his 9 grandchildren.

Jerry Jones FAQs

What is Jerry Jones Net Worth?

Jerry Jones net worth is currently $11.2 billion USD.

How much money does Jerry Jones earn?

Jerry Jones earns $5.5 billion per year from various sources.

How tall is Jerry Jones?

Jerry Jones is 6 ft (1.83 m)

How old is Jerry Jones?

Jerry Jones is currently 81 years old.

When is Jerry Jones birthday?

Jerry Jones birthday is on 13th October.