10 Crazy Ways Chinese Billionaires Spend Their Money

The Chinese economy has grown to the size of an inflated ego. America is so heavily in debt now that a collapse in the economic structure of the world has become nearly inevitable. The most amount of money in circulation in the world today belongs to America either directly or indirectly, which means a global collapse is due any time soon. The only economy that seems to be safe at this point is China and Chinese billionaires can soon expect to become the richest people in the world. They seem to have extremely unique and particular tastes, and this list highlights some of the ways Chinese billionaires like to spend their money:

Insane Wedding Day

Xing Libin, the chairman of Shanxi coal mining company spent an extravagant amount of money to ensure that his daughter has the best wedding day possible. The wedding cost Xing 11 million dollars that include three private jets to chauffeur guests, accommodation in hotels like Marriot, Ritz and Hilton, and a dowry of six Ferraris.

Priceless Chicken Cup

Collecting antiques is one of the most preferred hobbies for the wealthy in China. One of the richest people in the country, Liu Yiquan, recently made a successful bid of over 35 million dollars for a 500-year old chicken cup.