Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth

Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth
Net Worth: $220 Million
Salary: $67,000 Per Year
Real Name: John Michael Osbourne
Date of Birth: 3rd December 1948
Age: 75 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Singer, TV Personality, Author, Songwriter, Voice Actor
Nationality: British
Updated: 5th July 2023
Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth:
$220 Million

Ozzy Osbourne's Salary

$67,000 Per Year

Ozzy Osbourne is best known for his days with Black Sabbath, but the vocalist has also made millions thanks to his solo career, being a television personality, and more. Ozzy has been a household name for years, so you can’t help but wonder what the Ozzy Osbourne net worth is. 

Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth

Ozzy is worth an estimated $220 million. He’s made millions from his career as a vocalist, including both his solo career and time with the band Black Sabbath. His net worth is a combined net worth with his wife, Sharon Osbourne. 

Early Life Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne, born John Michael Osbourne, was born on December 3, 1948, in Birmingham, England. His mother, Lillian Osbourne, worked at a car component firm and his father, Jack Osbourne, was a toolmaker. He had five siblings: Gillian Osbourne, Tony Osbourne, Iris Osbourne, Jean Osbourne, and Paul Osbourne. He grew up in a middle-class family and attended primary school, where he was frequently called Ozzy. 

At the young age of 15, Ozzy quit school and took on various jobs. He was a plumber trainee, toolmaker, car factory horn tuner, and various other jobs. However, it wouldn’t be long before he was recruited to join the world of music. 

Ozzy already had a love for music. He claims the song She Loves You by The Beatles inspired him a great deal. 


In 1967, a man named GeezerButler recruited Ozzy to be a vocalist for the band Rare Breed. Rare Breed did not last, though. The band broke up after only two shows. However, Ozzy and Geezer stayed in contact. 

The two came together again to form the band Polka Tulk Blues with drummer Bill Ward and guitarist Tony Iommi. In 1969, they were inspired by a movie and changed the name of the band to Black Sabbath. 

Black Sabbath

In November 1969, the band signed with Philips Records. Their first single, Evil Woman, was released in January 1970. Their debut came a month later with their self-titled album. They received mixed success with this release. They did not receive positive reviews regarding their album. Their American label, Warner Bros., would only invest modestly in the band. However, they did see a significant amount of commercial success from the album. 

They saw this same mixed success with the three albums that followed; Paranoid, Master Of Reality, and Volume4. However, Master Of Reality received a gold status in less than two months of being released. Volume4 achieved the same status in under one month. 

They did not see positive reviews until 1973, when they released the album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. It was their fifth platinum album in the United States. They also released the albums Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy, and Never Say Die!

Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth

Blizzard Of Ozz

While Black Sabbath contributed a great deal to the Ozzy Osbourne net worth, Ozzy’s place in the band did not last forever. In 1979, Ozzy was fired from the band by his bandmates for his substance abuse issues and being unreliable. His manager at the time, Don Arden, signed Ozzy with Jet Records. 

It was then that Ozzy formed the band Blizzard Of Ozz. Their debut album was called Blizzard Of Ozz and was released in 1980. However, Ozzy was the only one that received credit for the album, making it the start of his solo career. Other highlights and albums of his solo career include: 

  • Released Diary Of A Madman in 1981
  • Speak Of The Devil was released in 1982
  • No Rest For The Wicked was released in 1988
  • In 1991 he released No More Tears
  • In 2020, he released his first solo album in more than ten years, titled Ordinary Man
  • Has sold more than 100 million albums
  • Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Also, in the UK Music Hall of Fame
  • Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Was awarded the Global Icon Award at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2014
  • Created Ozzfest, a metal music festival
  • First Ozzfest was held on October 25, 1996, in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Over $50 million in merchandise sales

Although his music made Ozzy a household name, that is not where his business ventures stopped. 

Other Business Ventures

Ozzy has made his millions through several other business ventures as well. He’s also known for: 

  • The reality show Battle For Ozzfest, which featured bands competing for playing at Ozzfest
  • The family participated in the reality tv show The Osbournes, which aired on MTV
  • Ozzy and his son Jack Osbourne had a spin-off reality tv show called Ozzy&Jacks’ World Detour, which was on the History Channel
  • Endorsements for multiple brands, including I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and World of Warcraft
  • He’s a character on Guitar Hero
  • Released an autobiography in 2009 titled I Am Ozzy

All of these things have contributed a great deal to Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth. 

Personal Life

Ozzy met his first wife, Thelma Riley, in 1971 in Birmingham. The couple married that same year. Later, they had two children, and Ozzy adopted the child that Thelma already had. 

In 1982, Ozzy married his manager at the time, Sharon Arden, who is now Sharon Osbourne. Together, they have three children. All together, Ozzy has six children: Aimee Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Osbourne, Louis Osbourne, and Elliot Kingsley. 

What Does The Future Hold For Ozzy?

Although Ozzy is no longer known for releasing one album after another, he continues to make money from his various sources of income. The future continues to look bright for the Osbourne family and for Ozzy Osbourne’s net worth. 

Ozzy Osbourne FAQs

What is Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth?

Ozzy Osbourne net worth is currently $220 million USD.

How much money does Ozzy Osbourne earn?

Ozzy Osbourne earns $67,000 per year from various sources.

How tall is Ozzy Osbourne?

Ozzy Osbourne is 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)

How old is Ozzy Osbourne?

Ozzy Osbourne is currently 75 years old.

When is Ozzy Osbourne birthday?

Ozzy Osbourne birthday is on 3rd December.