Kendrick Lamar Net Worth

Kendrick Lamar Net Worth
Net Worth: $75 Million
Salary: $39 Million Per Year
Real Name: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth
Date of Birth: 17th June 1987
Age: 37 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer
Nationality: American
Updated: 2nd July 2023
Kendrick Lamar Net Worth:
$75 Million

Kendrick Lamar's Salary

$39 Million Per Year

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most talented and richest hip-hop artists in the world. This American rapper has made millions from tours, merch, and appearances. Kendrick Lamar’s career earnings are well over $180 million, making him one of the highest-paid entertainers. Here’s a breakdown of how Lamar made his fortune and what he spends it on.

Kendrick Lamar Net Worth

Kendrick Lamar has a current net worth of an estimated $75 million, and it only continues to grow. 

Kendrick Lamar Early Life

Kendrick Lamar, born Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, was born in Compton, California on June 17, 1987. As a small child, he was greatly inspired by Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre, which inspired him to begin rapping as early as elementary school. 

His father and mother moved to Compton a few years before he was born in an effort to escape the gang activity that his father was involved in on the Southside of Chicago. Although they struggled most of Lamar’s childhood, he always mentioned the great times he had growing up. He was a straight student, and capable of writing compelling essays that always earned him excellent grades. 

Obviously, his talent in the English language and the ability to convey his thoughts in a captivating way have contributed greatly to Kendrick Lamar net worth. 

Career Summary Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar got started as a rapper when he was still in high school. At the early age of 16, he released his first mixtape. His lyrical skills instantly caught the eye of local record labels. 

Another mixtape was released after he signed with Top Dawg Entertainment in the early 2000s. However, he wouldn’t stay with Top Dawg Entertainment for his entire career. Then, in 2008 and 2009, Kendrick Lamar began to draw more attention from the world. He appeared in a music video for “All My Life (In The Ghetto)”  and then co-signed with Lil Wayne

After co-signing with Lil Wayne, Kenrick Lamar strayed from his previous stage name of K. Dot and began going by Kendrick Lamar. He re-released one of his earlier mixtapes under his real name and began to re-brand himself. Another mixtape was released. 

2010 and 2011 saw Kendrick Lamar touring a lot, releasing another mixtape and releasing his first independent album. It was then that Kendrick Lamar’s net worth began to truly increase. 

Good Kid m.A.A.d City

His album “Good Kid m.A.A.d City”, which was released in 2012, was his first major studio album. This album, released under Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment, sold over a million copies in the United States alone. He began to have a global presence that everyone loved and performed hit singles from the album on Saturday Night Live. Other appearances include being beside Adam Levine and The Lonely Island in a short clip that later became the inspiration for the rap song “YOLO.” 

Studio albums are not his only claim to fame, though. He also appeared on hit singles by popular artists like Big Sean, Drake, and Birdman. As the world became more aware of Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick Lamar’s net worth continued to increase. 

Kendrick Lamar Live Performance

His Career Blew Up

As time went on, his fame continued to skyrocket. In 2013, Kendrick Lamar joined Kanye West on his first solo tour in five years, instantly earning him headlines. Following the tour, he was featured on Eminem’s album “Marshal Mathers LP 2” and was then named rapper of the year. 

2014 saw Kendrick Lamar nominated for seven Grammy Awards, although he did not win any. 

2015 saw that change with the release of his new album “To Pimp A Butterfly”. It almost instantly hit #1 on the Billboard in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. Critics raved about the innovative sound that Lamar used in the album, and he won five Grammys. One of them was for Best Rap Album. 

Success seemed to be attracted to Kendrick Lamar. In 2017, he released another album, titled “Damn” that found its place as #1 on the Billboard Chart again. His single “Humble”, which is often said to be the best rap song, was seen at the #1 spot on several Billboard Charts. 

As more and more success was seen, Kendrick Lamar’s net worth continued to increase. Fans bought more merchandise and concerts were sold out. 


In July of 2018, Kendrick Lamar dipped his toes in the water of the acting world with a role in the series “Power”. It came as no surprise that everyone loved seeing the most influential rapper of his generation acting on television, but he has yet to switch from his career in the music industry to acting. His love and passion are for music, and that’s where we will continue to see Kendrick Lamar in the future. 

Awards And Recognition

Throughout his career, Lamar has been on the receiving end of several awards as well as recognized repeatedly. He is the proud owner of thirteen Grammy Awards. Time magazine gave him a spot on the 100 Most Influential People. In 2018, he won a Pultizer Prize for Music for his album “Damn”, making him the first rapper to ever win this award. (Previously, this award was given to primarily classical or jazz music artists.) He’s often said to be one of the best rappers of all time. 

Personal Life

Little is known or public about the intimate life of Kendrick Lamar, as he usually makes headlines for his high earnings and being an influential rapper. However, it is known that he celebrated an engagement with Whitney Alford in 2015. They welcomed their first child into the world in 2019. 

In Conclusion

Kendrick Lamar continues to be one of the most influential figures of his time, making music that provokes thought through careful combinations of inspiring lyrics. As his career continues to have a positive trajectory, Lamar continues to make more every year. So far, he shows no signs of slowing down as a rapper. 

Kendrick Lamar FAQs

What is Kendrick Lamar Net Worth?

Kendrick Lamar net worth is currently $75 million USD.

How much money does Kendrick Lamar earn?

Kendrick Lamar earns $39 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Kendrick Lamar?

Kendrick Lamar is 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)

How old is Kendrick Lamar?

Kendrick Lamar is currently 37 years old.

When is Kendrick Lamar birthday?

Kendrick Lamar birthday is on 17th June.