20 TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Veronica Mars

Everyone’s favorite detective, Veronica Mars, became a hit when it first premiered on UPN in 2004. After shuffling around on The CW, Veronica Mars was canceled after only three seasons. Years later, fans pitched in on Kickstarter to help fund and make the Veronica Mars movie happen.

My So Called Life

My So Called Life has been deemed a fan favorite from the 90’s. Although it ended with a cliffhanger, ABC decided to cancel the series after one season due to low ratings.


Girlfriends was a hit comedy series on UPN. After moving to The CW, it was abruptly canceled in it’s eighth season without a proper series finale. Fans are still waiting for closure and rumors have surfaced that a movie could possibly be in the works.


The sci-fi western drama, Firefly, only lasted for one season on Fox. It was canceled due to low ratings, and it cost entirely too much money to produce. Firefly has a huge cult following that still wants the series to be revived.