Carmelo Anthony Net Worth

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth
Net Worth: $120 Million
Salary: $2.2 Million Per Year
Real Name: Carmelo Kyam Anthony
Date of Birth: 29th May 1984
Age: 40 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 7 in (2.03 m)
Profession: Basketball Player
Nationality: American
Updated: 29th June 2023
Carmelo Anthony Net Worth:
$120 Million

Carmelo Anthony's Salary

$2.2 Million Per Year

Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn, NY on May 29, 1984. He lived in the Redhook Housing Projects, and his father died when Carmelo Anthony was only two years old. Carmelo Anthony and his mother, Mary Anthony, moved from New York to Baltimore at the age of eight. Carmelo began playing basketball and other sports at an early age, and he attended Towson Catholic High School, where he became a successful basketball player. He averaged 14 points, two steals, five rebounds, and four assists during his sophomore year. 

He attended Syracuse University, where he played college basketball for their football team for one season. He averaged about 22.2, and while Anthony had every intention of playing with Syracuse for two or three more seasons, his coach stated that he was such an exceptional player that he was ready for the NBA draft, and that’s precisely what he did; he entered into the NBA draft. At the time of Anthony’s draft, two other players were drafted simultaneously, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. Fans now love Carmelo, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James, as they’re all unbelievable NBA players.

The Denver Nuggets – Rookie Year & Beyond

Carmelo started out his professional career playing for the Denver Nuggets in 2003, where he played until 2011. Anthony was such an outstanding player that he became the youngest player to reach the 1,000-point plateau in the history of the NBA. Carmelo’s accomplishments enhanced the overall reputation of the Denver Nuggets. In February of 2004, Anthony participated in the Got Milk? Rookie Challenge at All-Star Weekend. Anthony was also featured in a Milk Processor Education Program commercial, along with Dana Torres, in 2012.

New York Knicks

Carmelo played for the New York Knicks from 2011 – 2017, where he performed optimally, as usual. Not only was he named player of the week twice, but he also helped improve the team’s overall performance. Furthermore, Carmelo assisted the team with attaining their 50th win when they hadn’t had a win in 13 years.  

Houston Rockets 

In August of 2018, Anthony contracted with the Houston Rockets for 2.2 million dollars, and he was coached by his former New York Knicks coach, Mike D’Antoni. Although Anthony has always performed well during his career, he missed multiple games while playing for the Rockets due to an undisclosed illness and was subsequently traded by Houston’s manager. 

Portland Trail Blazers

Anthony played for the Portland Trail Blazers from 2019 to 2021, and when he was signed, it was a one-year deal with no guarantees. He performed successfully with the team and scored so well that Carmelo was signed for a second year with the Trailblazers. During his second year with this team, he scored 14 points in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. Due to Carmelo Anthony’s stellar performance throughout his contract, he received the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award. This award recognizes NBA players who fight against social injustice.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Anthony played for the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017-2018, and he played so well that he out-scored star NBA player Allen Iverson. He also passed other star players in points. As a result, Oklahoma knew that Carmelo Anthony was too valuable of a costly player, so they traded Anthony to the Atlanta Hawks. This saved the team a great deal of money, but they also got rid of a phenomenal player.

Carmelo Anthony’s Personal Life

Carmelo Anthony has a son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, whom he had with his former wife, La Vasquez. The couple married in July of 2010 but have since divorced. Kiyan was born in 2007 before the couple even wed.

Penalty for Arrest

Carmelo was arrested for driving drunk while playing for the Nuggets, and as a result, he was suspended for two games. At one time, Anthony was also cited for being found to have marijuana, but the charges were eventually dropped. 

Anthony’s Endorsements

Anthony has received endorsements from Foot Locker, Panini, and Nike. The Jordans also released their signature shoe, and after 13 models of this shoe were released, this ended in 2017. Anthony also signed contracts with Isotopix, Powercoco, and Haute Time, a famous watch manufacturer. 

Carmelo Anthony Foundation

Anthony decided to start his own foundation in 2005, which was created to provide opportunities for underprivileged families and children in his community.  

Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth

Carmelo makes about 2.2 million dollars, contributing to his current net worth. Carmelo Anthony net worth has rapidly increased over the years and will likely continue to rise. Perhaps once he decides to retire, Carmelo Anthony’s net worth will stop rising, but until then, it will continue to grow. He has earned a total of $992 million since his professional career began. 

Collaboration with NBA Stars 

Carmelo Anthony partnered with fellow NBA stars Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade to develop the “Social Change Fund,” a site that is dedicated to fighting against injustices against black people. These injustices include police brutality, enabling equality in economics, supporting voting and civic engagement, and much more. Carmelo and his two NBA player partners are significant believers in the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and they want to do their part to ensure that all black individuals are treated equally and have the same opportunities as those of other races. 

Los Angeles Lakers

In the fall of 2021, Carmelo Anthony signed on with the Los Angeles Lakers. Anthony continued to play well, as he had since high school, but the Los Angeles Lakers had a disappointing season of multiple losses. This resulted from many injured players and inconsistent performance among the entire team.

Carmelo Anthony’s Net Worth 

Carmelo Anthony has had a very successful basketball career so far, and as a result, Carmelo Anthony’s net worth is $130 million. He continues to play basketball aggressively and with great passion as he works fervently toward becoming inducted into the Hall of Fame in the future. Carmelo Anthony’s salary, which is currently about 2.2 million a year, is bound to increase over the next couple of years. 

Carmelo Anthony FAQs

What is Carmelo Anthony Net Worth?

Carmelo Anthony net worth is currently $120 million USD.

How much money does Carmelo Anthony earn?

Carmelo Anthony earns $2.2 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony is 6 ft 7 in (2.03 m)

How old is Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony is currently 40 years old.

When is Carmelo Anthony birthday?

Carmelo Anthony birthday is on 29th May.