10 Of The Craziest Things People Did While Drunk

Everybody has had a little bit too much to drink at some point in their life. In fact, it isn’t unusual to find someone who has overdone the alcohol at the weekend, though the worst that will happen because of it will be a hangover. That isn’t always the case however, as some people wake up to find that they have done some truly bizarre things the previous night while under the influence, often something that they would never have done if they were sober.

Buying $150 Worth Of Ties

It isn’t difficult to spend money while drunk in Las Vegas as the entire city has been built up to take advantage of the tourists staying there. What is unusual is spending hundreds of dollars on novelty neckties at a gift shop.

Losing His Penis

People often lose possessions if they have had a heavy night of drinking, as it is very easy to misplace something and forget exactly where it is. Usually though, these are things like keys or mobile phones. That wasn’t the case for Geraldo Ramos, a man who woke up without his penis attached to his body. He had no idea how it had gone missing and had to have emergency surgery to prevent any infection.