Salma Hayek Net Worth

Salma Hayek Net Worth
Net Worth: $200 Million
Salary: $14 Million Per Year
Real Name: Salma Valgarma Hayek Jimenez
Date of Birth: 2nd September 1966
Age: 57 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession: Actress, Screenwriter, Producer, Artist, Model, Businesswoman, Activist
Nationality: Mexican
Updated: 5th July 2023
Salma Hayek Net Worth:
$200 Million

Salma Hayek's Salary

$14 Million Per Year

Salma Hayek’s net worth currently sits at around $200 million, and for good reason. She is hailed as being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and is proud of her Spanish and Lebanese descent. She’s not afraid to show off her curvy figure, which is the highlight of her modeling and acting career! The sultry actress isn’t just physically beautiful, but she plays stunning roles in various movies, and she is also a political and social activist fighting for immigrant rights. 

Salma Hayek has a long and vibrant history as an actress in Mexico and now in the United States. She continues to be one of the most influential Latina figures!

Who is Salma Hayek?

Salma Hayek is an American actress and Mexican actress known for her roles in the movies Dogma, Dusk till Dawn, Frida, Wild Wild West, and How to Be a Latin Lover, among others. However, her film career didn’t begin in the United States, and didn’t always produce her with millions! 

The Mexican born actress has a unique cultural background. Her mother, Diana Jimenez Medina, is of Spanish descent and is an opera singer. Salma Hayek’s father is named Sami Hayek Domínguez, and he is of Lebanese descent. However, Salma Hayek was born in Mexico, has Mexican nationality, and is beloved by the people in Mexico for her work on famous novellas, or stories, in the country.

How did Salma Hayek Start Acting?

Her acting began in Mexico acting in the drama series Un Nuevo Amanecer in 1988. Afterward, she was selected to be the lead of the Mexican telenovela Teresa. Salma Hayek was only 23 at the time, but because a hit sensation in Mexico!

Later on, she put her acting skills that she had learned at the hands of Stella Adler to the test, and moved to the United States in 1991 to pursue her acting career. She played minor roles in The Sinbad Show, and was part of the most critically-acclaimed movie in Mexican Cinema known as El Callejon de Los Milagros. This was another hit for Salma Hayek, and she grew the confidence to get her first significant role in 1995 in the movie Desperado. She played the role of Carolina opposite Antonio Banderas, and as they say, the rest is history!

Salma Hayek’s net worth continued to increase as she became an award-winning actress and also as a producer. Salma Hayek won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing in a Children Special for her work on The Maldonado Miracle. She also received Daytime Emmy award nominations for her work in Ugly Betty. 

Hayek produced films that also garnered critical acclaim, including Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Bandidas. These films are also considered one of the best ever produced by Salma Hayek, and she is a unique actress in that she both produces and stars in her films!

Fun Facts about Salma Hayek

  • She is currently married to billionaire businessman and CEO Francois Henri Pinault, and they have a daughter named Valentina Paloma Pinault!
  • She lived in Mexico and was very wealthy with her family there. However, she decided she wanted to study in the United States and did so at the Academy of Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana.
  • She was raised as a devout Catholic, which is comical considering her role in the movie Dogma alongside famous stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, where she plays the role of a muse!
  • She actually has a learning disorder known as Dyslexia, which made it difficult for her to learn new information and adequately process new words. This made it difficult for her to find new roles and to act when she began her career in the United States, but she overcame that disability with her role in Desperado.
  • She had the highest-grossing film project ever with Eternals, where the movie earned around 402.1 million dollars! She acted with Angelina Jolie and other prominent named actors for this project.
  • This is very different from her other movie, Wild Wild West, which is considered one of her biggest failures despite being one of the most expensive movies to ever be filmed.
  • Her portrayal of Frida Kahlo was inspired by her love of the Mexican painter, who she admits she wasn’t a fan of until later in life.
  • She is known for her less than traditional roles in Hollywood. She recently worked with director Robert Rodriguez for the new movie Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard!
  • She is also a voice actress, starring in the animated film Sausage Party, which actually brought in over $36 million at the box office!
  • She studied at the Universidad Iberoamericana but not for acting; it was for international relations!

Salma Hayek Net Worth Increases 

Salma Hayek is now hired for at least $14 million per movie. In addition, she has had modeling contracts for high-end fashion designers and brands like Revlon, Avon Cosmetics, and Cartier. The Salma Hayek net worth continues to grow as she has also launched a skincare line of products at CVS! This skin care brought the best actress and her net worth up to $200 million.

Salma Hayek also prides herself on continuing to do philanthropic work, especially for women who are victims of domestic violence.  

Salma Hayek FAQs

What is Salma Hayek Net Worth?

Salma Hayek net worth is currently $200 million USD.

How much money does Salma Hayek earn?

Salma Hayek earns $14 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Salma Hayek?

Salma Hayek is 5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)

How old is Salma Hayek?

Salma Hayek is currently 57 years old.

When is Salma Hayek birthday?

Salma Hayek birthday is on 2nd September.