Seth Rogen Net Worth

Seth Rogen Net Worth
Net Worth: $80 Million
Salary: $8 Million Per Film
Real Name: Seth Aaron Rogen
Date of Birth: 15th April 1982
Age: 42 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Profession: Actor, Comedian, Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Nationality: Canadian
Updated: 1st July 2023
Seth Rogen Net Worth:
$80 Million

Seth Rogen's Salary

$8 Million Per Film

If you’ve ever seen a box office hit comedy movie, chances are it was Seth Rogen holding the lens and directing, working behind the scenes to write some of the funniest scripts in movie history like “This Is It,” or even acting in the film itself. Known for his love of cannabis, Seth Rogen is a Canadian and American superstar comic, actor, and Hollywood comedy legend! Seth Rogen’s net worth currently sits at around $80 million. However, with more and more of his movies becoming hits and no signs of the superstar slowing down creating his funny movies, the Seth Rogen net worth is sure to go even higher. 

How Did Seth Rogen Become Famous?

Believe it or not, Seth Rogen wasn’t always known for his smash movies like Kung Fu Panda or Superbad. In fact, Seth Rogen actually began his career as a stand-up comedian. He was born in Canada and identifies as Canadian, having grown up the Vancouver area. He has a strong Jewish background, a strong part of the personal life Seth Rogen used in later movies. 

It was here in Canada that he met his lifelong friend, Evan Goldberg when they both attended Point Grey Secondary School, with whom he began to collaborate on making movies later on in life. The two shared their experiences growing up in Vancouver through their movies and are avid fans of cinema. In the early life of Seth Rogen, he had a strong Jewish family and background, with his father being a devoted member of the Jewish community and Rogen spending nights away in a Jewish summer camp. These experiences also helped shape his later movie Superbad.

At an early age, Seth Rogen booked gigs to perform stand-up comedy routines, and as he got older, began to perform in bars around Vancouver. Sadly, while still performing stand-up comedy, Rogen suffered as his family found themselves without jobs when he was a teenager. At age 16, fortunately, Seth Rogen landed a role in Judd Apatow’s Freaks and Geeks. 

Moving on to Stardom

While the early life Seth Rogen lived might not have been glamorous, Seth Rogen eventually made it big, and the Canadian comedian soon moved to Los Angeles to star in the TV series Freaks and Geeks. It was actually Judd Apatow that saw the potential in the comedian and began to give advice for the career Seth Rogen could have in Hollywood. After his role in the TV series, Seth Rogen assisted as a writer in other shows such as Undeclared and Da Ali G Show. Judd Apatow continued to encourage and mentor Rogan, who soon found himself in his first movie role for the hit cult classic Donnie Darko.

The young actor and stand-up comedy genius decided to pursue acting and writing on the big screen. With the help of Judd Apatow, who continued to help Seth Rogen by assigning him roles and helping refine his comedy alongside friend Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen’s net worth continued to grow as he devoted himself to creating scripts for hit comedy movies.

What Movies is He Known For in Acting?

Most people might first recognize Seth Rogen not from Donnie Darko (a role where he played a bully and was only paid $9,000), but as the co-worker of Steve Carell in the hit silly comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin. This role made Seth Rogen familiar to audiences, but it was nothing compared to the role he would have later on – as Ben Stone in the movie Knocked Up. The romantic comedy was another Judd Apatow production. Judd Apatow encouraged Seth Rogen to continue to pursue acting in movies that showed real-life situations, and Seth Rogen agreed after some pushback.

The comedy was a fan favorite and solidified Seth Rogen’s role as an actor in Hollywood. For this movie, Seth Rogen was paid approximately $500,000. Not too bad for only a second movie! It was also his first role as a leading man and stared big named actors including Paul Rudd and actress Lauren Miller.

Finally, it was his Pineapple Express movie that made viewers appreciate his comedy, as well as impress them with fantastic writing. Alongside actor James Franco, Seth Rogen played the leading role of Dale Denton. Pineapple Express was released in 2008 and garnered over $100 million at the box office after its $27 million budget production. Again, just another one of Rogen’s best movies!

The list of movies he has since starred in goes on and on, with Seth Rogen’s net worth also benefiting from his voice acting in movies such as Kung Fu Panda and the Lion King and cult classics like the film Superbad, which he wrote with childhood friend Evan Goldberg and also starred in, becoming iconic pieces of movie culture.

Interesting Facts

  • He began writing Superbad’s script when he was 13 years old.
  • He became the breadwinner for his family at just 16 years old.
  • He identifies as Canadian, even though he has dual citizenship and lives in Los Angeles because of his childhood spent in Vancouver.
  • He remains in touch and continues to write with childhood friend Evan Goldberg.
  • He actually is part owner of a cannabis company called the Houseplant, and he is an avid smoker of the plant (if you hadn’t guessed by now from all his comedy movies).
  • He also starred in the action superhero film Green Hornet, where he was paid $6 million.

Seth Rogen Now

Seth Rogen continues to live in Los Angeles and recently sold his West Hollywood home for just over $2 million. He recently starred in the TV series Pam and Tommy, based on the couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and recently launched the animated series The Boys Diabolical. 

Seth Rogen FAQs

What is Seth Rogen Net Worth?

Seth Rogen net worth is currently $80 million USD.

How much money does Seth Rogen earn?

Seth Rogen earns $8 million per film from various sources.

How tall is Seth Rogen?

Seth Rogen is 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)

How old is Seth Rogen?

Seth Rogen is currently 42 years old.

When is Seth Rogen birthday?

Seth Rogen birthday is on 15th April.