Brendan Fraser Net Worth

Brendan Fraser Net Worth
Net Worth: $20 Million
Salary: $2 Million Per Year
Real Name: Brendan James Fraser
Date of Birth: 3rd December 1986
Age: 37 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American
Updated: 1st July 2023
Brendan Fraser Net Worth:
$20 Million

Brendan Fraser's Salary

$2 Million Per Year

Born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Brendan James Fraser is an award-winning film and stage actor. Fraser’s Canadian parents are sales counselor Carol Mary and former Canadian foreign service officer Peter Fraser. In their early life, the Canadian-American actor often moved around to areas such as Seattle, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Brendan Fraser attended the private boarding school Upper Canada College before graduating from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts. 

What’s Brendan Fraser’s Net Worth?

Most people recognize the American-Canadian actor from their work in various Hollywood movies and TV shows such as The Mummy trilogy, Encino ManGeorge of the Jungle, and Doom Patrol. What about the net worth of Brendan Fraser? With a plethora of roles in the portfolio, Brendan Fraser net worth is a reported $20 million. 

Earning Solid Roles In The ’90s

In 1991, Brendan Fraser kicked off his acting career and jumpstarted their net worth growth as Sailor No. 1 in the film Dogfight, which starred River Phoenix and Lili Taylor. The following year, however, Brendan Fraser earned his first lead role in the film Encino Man, which found Brendan Fraser playing a frozen pre-historic caveman discovered in the ’90s. The film, which also starred Sean Astin and Pauly Shore, would earn $40 million worldwide at the box office. Fraser would also participate in the sports drama genre with the film School Ties.

George Of The Jungle

It wasn’t until 1997’s George of the Jungle that Brendan Fraser became a noticeable name in Hollywood and their net worth began to grow. Based on the 1967 cartoon of the same name, the film would become a success, with $174 million earned worldwide at the box office.

Gods and Monsters

The following year, Brendan Fraser unveiled one of his most critically acclaimed roles as Clayton Boone in Gods and Monsters. Mainly known for their comedy and fantasy films, Gods and Monsters showcased Fraser’s serious side to critics and fans alike.

The Mummy Trilogy

In 1998, Brendan Fraser landed his most memorable role as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy. Brendan Fraser wasn’t the first actor chosen for the role, however. Brad Pitt, Tom CruiseMatt Damon, and Ben Affleck were each suggested for the role, but they rejected the part due to their schedules. Based on their work in George of the Jungle, Brendan Fraser was picked by film director Stephen Sommers and film producer James Jacks. 

Released in 1999, The Mummy became a worldwide hit, with $416.4 million earned worldwide. Two additional sequels (2001’s The Mummy Returns and 2008’s The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) would help the famous Mummy film series earn a combined $1.2 billion worldwide. Playing Rick O’Connell in the beloved fantasy films became one of the biggest highlights in the career of the American-Canadian actor, and it elevated their net worth to massive heights.

Post-Mummy Work

Brendan Fraser starred in the film Journey to the Center of the Earth, featuring Fraser as an executive producer. Journey to the Center of the Earth, which debuted the 4DX movie format, gained $244.2 million worldwide. Some of Fraser’s other works include Furry Vengeance, Extraordinary Measures, and Escape from Planet Earth.

TV Appearances

While Fraser is mainly known for their film roles, the actor has made some appearances on TV. In 1997 and 1999, Fraser hosted Saturday Night Live. They also appeared on ScrubsTexas Rising, and The Affair. While these appearances didn’t push their net worth, they were still a treat for fans.

Voice Acting

While being on-screen is nice, Fraser played the role of a voice actor in their career. The actor lent their voice to Sinbad in Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists, Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and various characters on King of the Hill.

Joining The Doom Patrol

Brendan Fraser entered the Arrowverse as Cliff Steele in HBO Max’s Doom Patrol. Debuting in 2019, the show has become a hit for HBO Max. The show helped rejuvenate Fraser’s net worth.

A Photographer Extraordinaire

Aside from acting, Brendan Fraser is an avid photographer. Art imitated life when Fraser landed the role of photographer Ben Sullivan on NBC’s hit sitcom Scrubs in 2003.

On Brendan Fraser’s website, there’s a section filled with photographs from the actor’s trips to Morocco and Vietnam, and photos were taken on set. Brendan Fraser’s love of photography earned them an honorable mention in the book Collector’s Guide to Instant Cameras.

Nominations And Awards For Fraser

Throughout their career, Brendan Fraser has earned accolades for their performances. For their work in 1999’s The Mummy, Fraser gained a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actor and a Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination for Favorite Actor (Action). The Mummy Returns landed Brendan Fraser a 2001 Teen Choice Award nomination for Film-Choice Actor.

Brendan Fraser’s performance in Crash helped the cast earn a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture and a Gold Derby Award for Ensemble Cast.

For their work in Scrubs, Fraser earned two nominations for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series at the 2002 and 2004 Online Film & Television Association Awards.

In 1997, Fraser won the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actor at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Fraser’s Personal Life

On September 27, 1998, Brendan Fraser married actress Afton Smith. The couple met while Fraser was celebrating their graduation from the Cornish College of the Arts. The couple divorced in 2007 after selling their Beverly Hills home.

They have three sons together: Griffin Arthur Fraser (born 2002), Holden Fletcher Fraser (born 2004), and Leland Francis Fraser (born 2006).

Constant Surgeries

Fraser’s acting career has been rocky due to the actor’s constant surgeries over the year. So many physical roles took a toll on Fraser’s body. One of his most considerable injuries came while he was trying to lift a tree after Hurricane Sandy.

What’s Next For Fraser?

Brendan Fraser has a few projects in the works. Fraser recently worked with producer Martin Scorsese on the Western crime drama Killers of the Flower Moon, which is slated for a 2023 release. The film is based on the 2017 book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI, which David Grann wrote.

Brendan Fraser will also star alongside Josh Brolin, Peter Dinklage, and Glenn Close in the comedy film Brothers. With these and future projects, Brendan Fraser’s net worth will surely grow. From Looney Tunes to Texas Rising, Fraser can do it all.

Brendan Fraser FAQs

What is Brendan Fraser Net Worth?

Brendan Fraser net worth is currently $20 million USD.

How much money does Brendan Fraser earn?

Brendan Fraser earns $2 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser is 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

How old is Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser is currently 37 years old.

When is Brendan Fraser birthday?

Brendan Fraser birthday is on 3rd December.