Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler Perry Net Worth
Net Worth: $800 Million
Salary: $80 Million Per Year
Real Name: Tyler Perry
Date of Birth: 13th September 1969
Age: 54 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Profession: Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Author, Songwriter
Nationality: American
Updated: 5th July 2023
Tyler Perry Net Worth:
$800 Million

Tyler Perry's Salary

$80 Million Per Year

Tyler Perry was worth around $300M at his peak from August 19 to October 21, 2022, according to the latest estimates. His career includes acting, writing, directing, and producing. He has a long-standing reputation for producing satirical sitcom films, which depict typical African-American family characters in a sarcastic fashion. One of his most beloved characters, ‘Madea’ grew to be popular and is presently featured in several films about her and a few more movies.

Tell me Tyler Perry Worth?

Perry is an American actor, director, playwright, and producer with a gross income of over $1 billion. Perry is an incredibly financially successful filmmaker. Over a lifetime, he directed or produced 30 films, 20 stage productions, and 8 television series. He makes up to $200 million in personal income annually through his entertainment company. ViacomCBC’s production company generates $150 million in revenue a month in a single contract. He was an independent man. Obviously a tycoon. His empire began with the creation and production of an independent play called “I know I have been changed”.

How did Tyler Perry’s net worth reach $1 Billion in 2022?

Tyler Perry is a tycoon. He wrote and produced his first play in 1992 called The Changed. The musical was rewritten for a first stage show. It was finally his turn to attract a black audience in 1998. Forbes said Tyler sold more than $30 million of merchandise, $30 million of videos, and $100 million in ticket sales. In 2005, he created an early movie, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. It received favorable reviews from critics and was estimated to have a total budget of $50.6M.

How did Tyler Perry start his career?

Perry knew from his beginnings that the odds were against him. During his childhood, he was sexually abused by his father as a young boy as well as by his friend’s mother. He turned to literature as therapy and became involved with a local congregation as a refuge for him. Perry left college, received his GED, and worked odd jobs to earn his living. A few of these came to the Windsor Court Hotel, which hosted an annual conference for national television program executive organizations. 

Film success

Perry approached Lionsgate Productions in an effort to jump off his domestic popularity. Perry would put half of it on a movie which would require 5.5 million. Lionsgate offered the rest at just a small price. The profit after these costs is split equally. They had their first film with this agreement back in 2005. Diary of a mad black woman. This movie made $50.6m in the United States and was ultimately successful and made $150 million via television commercials and home video sales. Perry has the content and keeps half the profit.

Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta has been established in 2006. Tyler Perry Studios has finally opened its doors at the site of 310 acres that he previously rented out. During the American Civil War, there were Confederate Military Bases here. Perry spent $300,000 on renovations. The Walking Dead is being recorded at this site. About 50,000 square feet are allocated to permanent set designs, which include a perfect replica of the Washington, D.C. Presidential Palace, a trailer park, a luxurious hotel, and 16,000 square feet of mansion.

Tyler Perry Net Worth

Personal life

Perry changed his birth name legally when he was sixteen years old in order to disapprove of his abusive parents, Emmitt Perry Jr. However, several years later, an autosomal test uncovered the identity of Emmitt Sr. Although unwed, Perry has remained engaged since 2009. In November 2014, a baby boy was born to his parents and was named Tyler Perry. In other areas, Perry supports charities and often donates to people in need. In 2009, Perry supported a group from Philadelphia who traveled to Disney’s Walt Disney World.


Despite his financial instability, Tyler rewrote his musical and repeated it after the initial performances. The musical ‘I Know I Am Changed’ was well-received among audiences. In 2002, the actor produced two more plays, ‘I Could Do a Lotto All By Yourself’. Tyler Perry’s iconic character ‘Made a’ is the main character. A year later, his production ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ was followed by the ‘Madeas Family Reunion’ a year later. In 2003, Madera’s Class Reunion boosted his production on his very first tour.

Television success

Perry’s popular sitcom The House of Payne ran from June 20th, 2006 until September 10, 2012. Originally broadcast on CW, it drew massive unanticipated audiences to the new network. Perry and Payne were lured out by CW and offered $200 million production guarantees with 90-episode commitments. Tyler is the owner of this. Tyler famously spent just $600,000 on producing. His remaining 138 million were left to him. The show was first released by TBS in January 2009 and ended on November 18, 2011. 

Tyler Perry’s Net Worth & Salary

Tyler Perry’s net worth is estimated at $1 billion by 2022. He made his fortune through entertainment. He also earns money by investing in the BET+ website and his Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Perry has a net worth estimated at $60 million from his stake in BET+ alone. His company has assets worth more than $800 million.

Does Tyler Perry own Lionsgate?

He is not in business, and he has his own production company. Perry took advice from Winfrey, owner of The Oprah Winfrey Show and Harpo Productions. Perry built and installed a sound stage in Atlanta and incorporated every aspect of the production from stage lighting to stage ownership, from the top down to creating Tyler Perry Studios. His scripted series and production series were sold to CW and its ratings grew dramatically. Its purchase cost was about $300 million and almost $138 million went directly to Perry himself.

Tyler Perry’s partnership with Oprah Winfrey

Tyler Perry signed a multi-year partnership with the Oprah Winfrey Network in December 2012. Tyler Perry previously enjoyed success with scripted television. Besides, Tyler Perry had a couple more television shows that appeared on the WN network: The Haves and the Have Nots and Love My Neighbor.


The Writers Guild of America West filed unfair labor practice claims with the National Labor Relations Commission. The dispute was resolved in two months. Former Tennessee Attorney General John Paulson said in a letter in late November 2010 that the company had been sued by an alleged Memphis-based tax firm. This advertisement showed a large Caucasian male dressed as a dragging man called Ma Madea. This TV advertisement eventually fell out of circulation.

Tyler Perry FAQs

What is Tyler Perry Net Worth?

Tyler Perry net worth is currently $800 million USD.

How much money does Tyler Perry earn?

Tyler Perry earns $80 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry is 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)

How old is Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry is currently 54 years old.

When is Tyler Perry birthday?

Tyler Perry birthday is on 13th September.