20 Of The Most Hilarious Cosplay Costumes Ever

There really aren’t that many times in life when it is alright for an adult to dress up in costumes and parade around. However, during comic con season all over the world adults can throw on their favorite anime, superhero, or TV show costumes and pretend they are kids all over again. Some of these costumes look great, but not all of them. Check out these twenty cosplay costumes, and hopefully learn what not to do.

Flash Is Flashing A Fake Six Pack

For one, this Flash probably should have shopped for a costume that actually fit him. It’s a good thing he has super speed, because it’s likely he’s not a fast runner without it.

A Bad Mash Up

One of the things that is interesting about cosplay at comic con is that some people like to get creative and mash up their favorite heroes and icons. This mash up, however, if pretty frightening. If Thor saw this he might smite the guy!

The Dirtiest Mermaid Ever

Ariel was once a beautiful young girl with big dreams, now she’s big and hairy. Props to this guy though, he seems to pull it off well!

If You Have To Wear A Sign…

If you need what you are dressed up as in writing then it’s just a bad costume. You get it, right? He’s a ginger, and he has bread?