Top 10 Celebrities With The Hottest Dad Bods

The Dad Bods trend has officially taken over the internet. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you soon will. A “Dad Bod” is the kind of body that certainly isn’t obese, but it isn’t overly toned, and there’s likely a bit of softness around the tummy area. Dad Bods suggest that those who have them work out occasionally, but also enjoy their beer and nachos on NFL Sundays. In response to the Dad Bod trend, Mom Bods are also trending. These trends are part of a greater movement towards body acceptance. When “regular” people see that celebrities share some of the features they may be insecure about, it just might give their self-esteem a bit of a boost. Here are 10 male celebrities who proudly rock their Dad Bods.

Leonardo DiCaprio

He may not technically be a dad, but Leo is the epitome of a Dad Bod. His steady stream of supermodel girlfriends certainly don’t seem to mind his Dad Bod.

Chris Pratt

Though he is now super toned and buff, Chris Pratt, who is the father of one son, Jack, with wife Anna Faris, once rocked a super hot Dad Bod.