Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Net Worth
Net Worth: $840 Million
Salary: $55 Million
Real Name: Eldrick Tont Woods
Date of Birth: 30th December 1975
Age: 48 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Professional Golfer, Athlete, Writer
Nationality: American
Updated: 29th June 2023
Tiger Woods Net Worth:
$840 Million

Tiger Woods's Salary

$55 Million

Sports fan or not, you have probably heard about Tiger Woods and all of the amazing feats that he has accomplished on the golf course. It is pretty hard to miss some of the things that Tiger Woods has done even if you are not the kind of person to keep the PGA Tour turned on your television. 

From the time when he was winning the Junior Amateur Championship to the present day, golf history has forever been re-written by Tiger Woods. With all of that success, you may be asking yourself “what is Tiger Woods net worth?”.

People always like to get a sense of what their favorite celebrities have earned in their careers.

We will get to that in a moment, but you first need to know a little bit more about the man who will forever be in the world golf hall for his accomplishments. 

The Story Of Tiger Woods

Tiger woods first started to capture the attention of the golfing world when he started to go after Junior World Golf Championships. He won his first in 1991, and he then proceeded to win it again the next two years in a row. Thus, he was the Junior amateur champion from 1991-1993. All of the sudden, it became very clear that Tiger Woods was something special and that the golf courses that he graced might be in for a different kind of player. 

Making Himself The Best Golfer To Ever Live

Before all of the sponsorships and money could come flowing in, Tiger Woods had to prove that he was a player like no other. Thus, he set out focused on making sure his golf talents were second to none. He was more concerned with climbing the official world golf rankings than he was with trying to bolster the woods net worth.

Climbing those rankings certainly helped Tiger build a name for himself.

He knew that all of that would come in time, but he had to stay focused on making sure his golf game was the best that it could be first.

Tiger Wood’s Father

You may not know that his father Earl Woods was also an athletic man. He was a professional baseball player in his day, and he passed on some of the drive and passion for sports that Tiger Woods so clearly has in his own life. 

What Earl Woods passed on to Tiger was a passion to be a champion, and Tiger clearly took that and ran with it. He was working his way up the professional golf world in no time at all.

Today, the name Tiger Woods is connected to golf in ways that no other golfer has managed to accomplish.

Even those who aren’t that familiar with the sport or who don’t follow it still know the name Tiger Woods. 

What Is Tiger Woods Net Worth? 

It is time that we get into the meat of what Tiger Woods net worth really is and how he was able to build it up to what it is now. 

Tiger Woods net worth currently stands at an estimated $840 million dollars. He is also actively earning between $50 to $60 million per year. This comes from a combination of the golfing that he still does on the PGA tour and other golf courses, but also from the various sponsorship deals that he has struck with various athletic wear companies.

He also earns money from appearances in industry magazines such as Golf Digest, though this is just a small amount of the money that he has earned.

Tiger’s First Win

Tiger Woods won the 1996 Las Vegas Invitational as his first PGA championship, and this is what helped bolster his reputation and put him on the radar of people throughout the golfing community.

This would be just the first of his PGA tour wins. He was on his way to setting many golf records.

Ever since that time, he has never lost his competitive focus and ability to know exactly what needs to get done in order to win more championships and deliver more highlights for the fans.

It is very clear that he is in a league of his own among the greatest golfers who have ever played the game, and that is why he is still able to attract brand sponsorships all the time. 

Monster Energy

Monster Energy Sponsorship

Right now, Tiger Woods has a sponsorship deal with Monster Energy in which he carries around branded materials of theirs with him on the golf courses that he visits. It is a great way for the company to add to their visibility with the public, and of course, it adds to Tiger Woods net worth as he promotes the brand by sporting their logo with him wherever he goes. 

Will Tiger Woods Continue To Grow His Net Worth After Golf? 

There is some speculation that Tiger Woods may step away from the PGA tour and golf in general in the coming years. He has lost some of his competitive edge in recent tournaments, and the height of Tiger’s career earnings from golf may be behind him. However, there are still plenty of ways that Tiger can continue to add to his earnings including: 

  • The PGA Tour pension plan
  • Investing in businesses or starting his own
  • Lending his likeness to various brands in exchange for a cut of their profits
  • Sitting on the board of various companies and earning a salary for that
  • Making wise investment

There is no shortage of ways that Tiger Woods can continue to add to the fortune that he has amassed for himself, and the expectation is that he will do so. We will just have to wait and see what he decides to do.

Tiger Woods As Golf Ambassador

Tiger’s contribution to the sport of golf will not soon be forgotten, and there are a lot of people who still look up to him. It seems likely that he would like to take the opportunity to give back to the golfing world as much as possible, and it also seems likely that he will have plenty of fans ready to follow his every move no matter what he decides to do next. 

Keep an eye on how Tiger Woods decides to use his post-golf life (whenever that may be). You should keep an eye on Tiger Woods net worth as well. He is such a great ambassador for the sport, and it is so lovely to see that he is taking this all in stride. 

Tiger Woods FAQs

What is Tiger Woods Net Worth?

Tiger Woods net worth is currently $840 million USD.

How much money does Tiger Woods earn?

Tiger Woods earns $55 million from various sources.

How tall is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is 6 ft (1.85 m)

How old is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is currently 48 years old.

When is Tiger Woods birthday?

Tiger Woods birthday is on 30th December.