10 Awesome Things You Never Knew Rednecks Invented

Even though Rednecks are considered to have many faults and flaws, many of the creations originating in the deep south were actually revolutionary. When the inhabitants enjoy backwards, backwater living, it may come as a surprise when you find out just which inventions started in the birthplace of Colonel Sanders himself. Whether the inventions were created because of mistakes or to give a use to the useless, nobody can deny the genius of these people. Not including racism, The Dukes of Hazard or Banjos, this list includes ten awesome things you never knew were invented by rednecks.


When PVC was invented in 1835, nobody could find a use for it. Trust a redneck to find a use for the useless, when they plasticized it in 1926 and used it in virtually every industry, from music to construction.

Gattling Gun

This is exactly the sort of thing we would expect from gun-toting hunting lovers. Good work guys.