10 Awesome Things You Never Knew Rednecks Invented

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Even though Rednecks are considered to have many faults and flaws, many of the creations originating in the deep south were actually revolutionary. When the inhabitants enjoy backwards, backwater living, it may come as a surprise when you find out just which inventions started in the birthplace of Colonel Sanders himself. Whether the inventions were created because of mistakes or to give a use to the useless, nobody can deny the genius of these people. Not including racism, The Dukes of Hazard or Banjos, this list includes ten awesome things you never knew were invented by rednecks.


When PVC was invented in 1835, nobody could find a use for it. Trust a redneck to find a use for the useless, when they plasticized it in 1926 and used it in virtually every industry, from music to construction.

Gattling Gun

This is exactly the sort of thing we would expect from gun-toting hunting lovers. Good work guys.

Dental Floss

Rednecks aren’t exactly known for their pearly whites, which makes this invention all the more shocking.

Fairy Floss

The polar opposite of dental floss it seems was also invented by the rednecks. Its good to see they believe in balance.

Astro Turf

Well regarded for their ride-on mower prowess, its hard to believe they would invent something to reduce the time spent on lawnmowers.

Filing Cabinets

Not well known for their organisational skills, it was actually found that rednecks took civilization beyond the archaic “papers-in-envelopes” organizing scheme.

Turtle Excluder

On every redneck television show it looks like they love to add turtle to everything (especially snapping turtle), it was actually a redneck who invented the device to save these critters from over-fishing.


Convenience is buying your shotgun right next to your beer and bacon, right?


Looks like making many spelling mistakes actually led to a great invention.

Video Games

It seems that rednecks do have their finer sides. With the invention of the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device, the user had to guide a dot over “planes” on the screen to destroy them. Oops, its seems destruction is the name of the game again.