20 Times High Fashion Was Especially Ridiculous

Flying Saucer Pt. 2

This is the boyfriend of the earlier flying saucer-dress-lady. He is kicking it up a notch, however, with a more geometric take on alien style that is now worn on the head. Our conclusion? Style like this still does not belong on Earth. Sorry, saucers.

The Holy Dress

If you imagine that the awkward, gaping holes in the dress aren’t there, it might actually make a nice prom or event dress. The mistake was taking inspiration from swiss cheese.

Golden Horse

Remember the shoes from earlier? We found the perfect outfit to go with them. This golden number comes with really strange shoulder and eyebrow poofs, and a headpiece that can be interpreted as various animals.

Ugliest Sweater Ever

Quit your searching: the ultimate ugly sweater has been found. This one is guaranteed to win every holiday party contest ever. The weird collar and the orange spiders/crayfish, both combined with the ruffled skirt-bottom, come together for a look that can never be achieved again. At least, that’s what we hope.