20 Surprising Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

Rachel McAdams Worked At McDonald’s

Actress Rachel McAdams, who you probably recognize from Mean Girls and The Notebook, had a way less glamorous job before she landed big roles. She worked at a McDonald’s for three years!

Jon Hamm Was A Set-Dresser For Adult Films

While he explained the films were all “soft core,” actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men) was responsible for moving furniture around on adult film sets before he was a famous actor.

Jon Bon Jovi Made Christmas Decorations

It doesn’t even sound like a real job, but according to rocker Jon Bon Jovi, it is — he made Christmas tree decorations before he was a famous musician.

Demi Moore Was A Debt Collector

Stunning actress and mother of three, Demi Moore, was responsible for collecting debts before she became a movie star. Hey, there are definitely worse people to get bad news from!