Tina Turner Net Worth

Tina Turner Net Worth
Net Worth: $250 Million
Salary: $40 Million Per Year
Real Name: Anna Mae Bullock
Date of Birth: 26th November 1939
Age: 84 years old
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.80 m)
Profession: Singer, Dancer
Nationality: American
Updated: 1st July 2023
Tina Turner Net Worth:
$250 Million

Tina Turner's Salary

$40 Million Per Year

The queen of Rock n Roll earned her lucrative $250 million net worth through a combination of successful solo albums, high-grossing concert tours, and lucrative endorsement deals such as Hanes pantyhose. Recently, Tina Turner added to her net worth when she sold the rights to her music catalog to BMG Rights Management for $50 million. She also released a highly praised documentary that allowed her to tell her full story to her fans for the last time.


Born Anna Mae Bullock in Brownsville, Tennessee on November 26, 1939, Tina Turner began her career as a backup singer for popular R&B artists such as Ike Turner and Jerry Butler. Tina had one sister, Alline, who was born 13 months after Tina. Their mother left the family when the girls were young and they were raised by their grandparents.

Tina was raised in the segregated South throughout her childhood. Despite the odds against her, Tina was a determined young woman who had big dreams of becoming a successful singer. When she was sixteen, Tina moved to St. Louis, Missouri with her mother and sister in hopes of finding a better life.

How Did Tina Turner Get Her Start in Music?

Tina’s singing career began when she was discovered by record producer Ike Turner while he was performing at a local nightclub in St. Louis. Turner was impressed by Tina’s raw talent and he soon invited her to join his band, The Kings of Rhythm.

Tina began touring with The Kings of Rhythm and she soon became the band’s lead singer. In 1960, Tina and Ike Turner got married and they began performing together as a duo. The couple also had four children together; Ike Turner Jr., Michael Turner, Ronnie Turner, and Craig Turner.

The song, ” A Fool in Love”, was her official launch into the music business, hitting the R&B charts and making its way to number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Ike and Tina Turner Revue

The Ike and Tina Turner Revue was a popular R&B and soul group that toured extensively throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The group was known for their high-energy live performances and Tina’s suggestive dance moves. During their time together, they released a number of successful albums including River Deep Mountain High and Nutbush City Limits. Their rendition and live performance of Proud Mary really took the duo to a new level.

The group’s success began to decline in the late 1970s due to Ike Turner’s drug addiction and abusive behavior. Tina Turner eventually left Ike Turner in 1976 and she filed for divorce the following year. When Tina Turner divorced Ike, she was adamant about keeping her stage name.

Tina Turner Live

What Was Tina’s Biggest Hit Song?

Tina Turner’s biggest hit song was “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” which was released in 1984. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and it won Tina Turner a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

What Are Tina Turner’s Endorsement Deals?

Tina Turner has had endorsement deals with a variety of brands, including L’Oreal, Honda, and Visa. These deals have helped Tina Turner to earn a significant amount of money over the years. At one time, her legs were insured for $3.2 million by Lloyd’s of London. Tina Turner went on to have an even more successful solo career with hits like “What’s Love Got to Do with It” and “We Don’t Need Another Hero.” She is one of the best-selling artists of all time with 200 million records sold worldwide.

Film Appearances

Tina Turner is a living legend known for her powerful voice and stage presence. She is one of the best-selling music artists of all time with over 200 million records sold worldwide. However, did you know that she also lent her talent to a couple of films? She made a memorable appearance in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” with Mel Gibson in 1985. Tina performed the hit song, ” We Don’t Need Another Hero” for the movie’s soundtrack. Years earlier, Tina was the Acid Queen in the film version of “Tommy” in 1975. Acclaimed actress, Angela Bassett, played Tina Turner in what is considered to be one of the best biopics ever made, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” in 1993. The film was a commercial and critical success, grossing over $81 million at the worldwide box office.

Rock and Roll Hall of Hame

Tina Turner has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, not once – but twice! She was first inducted as a member of The Ike & Tina Turner Revue in 1991. As a solo artist, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019. She did not truly become a superstar until she was in her 40’s, with the release of her album “Private Dancer.” Her talent, hit album, intense stage shows, and faithful manager, Roger, helped her defy the odds and get a second wind on a career that has expanded decades.

She also has a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

What’s Next For Tina Turner?

Tina now lives a quiet life with her husband, Erwin Bach, in Switzerland. Tina and Erwin Bach met in London in the 1980s and she quickly fell for him. She gave her last major concert performance at the opening ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. In 2013, she published her memoir, “I, Tina.” Tina was the focus of a documentary in 2021, “Tina.” The film features previously unseen footage and includes interviews with Tina’s friends, family, and musical collaborators. The documentary was her way of saying goodbye to fans as she commits herself to her private life and focuses on her health.

Tina retired years ago but remains a true icon who has had an incredible career spanning decades that has allowed her to become one of the best-selling recording artists ever. She is a talented singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer with a net worth of $250 million. The little girl from Tennesee overcame struggle, poverty, an abusive marriage, and a late-life comeback to become one of the biggest and most beloved stars in the world. 

Tina Turner FAQs

What is Tina Turner Net Worth?

Tina Turner net worth is currently $250 million USD.

How much money does Tina Turner earn?

Tina Turner earns $40 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Tina Turner?

Tina Turner is 5 ft 4 in (1.80 m)

How old is Tina Turner?

Tina Turner is currently 84 years old.

When is Tina Turner birthday?

Tina Turner birthday is on 26th November.