20 Of The Funniest Signs Ever Created

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Signs are seen everywhere. Businesses, offices, restaurants, stores and shops – they can’t be missed! Often, these signs display things like “business hours” or various sales and promotions, but every once in a while a sign is found that displays something much greater.

Humorous signs are one of the best things out there, whether they are intentionally funny or accidentally funny. These signs can make a bad situation comedic, or make a good situation even better! The following list is a compilation of twenty of the funniest signs from different businesses and offices across the U.S.!

The Hissing Booth

This booth probably doesn’t receive a lot of action.


Someone either thought themselves to be funny, or there’s just a malfunction with the door. Either way, these signs are confusing!

0 for $0

You get what you pay for… and in this case, you get nothing.

Too Much DHMO

Watch out! The water contains water!

Meaningful Quote

“Man, I could go for a couple thousand pieces of rice right now!”

Low Cost Men

This sign is both funny and unsettling. If they don’t actually have low-cost men, then what exactly is being advertised?

Just Call Todd

Todd probably got a couple phone calls about this sign.

Stay Off!

This guy went to a lot of trouble to keep “Herman Rossa” off of his property. They must’ve had a disagreement of some sort…

Debt Collecting Ad

This sign must have been from a small town somewhere – where everyone knows everyone.

ATM Sticker

Obama’s always watching.

This Money-Making Machine

What an innovative business idea, using only the resources that he has.

Vibrator Races

People are either really into this, or really not into it. There is no middle ground.

Smoking Corral

These small bamboo sticks will clearly contain smoke to one area, right?

For All Of The JB Haters

It’s quite possible that the recipient of this tip jar became a millionaire overnight.

Jail Sale

It’s just hard to tell exactly what kind of “coke” he’s selling…

Best Garage Sale Ever

Is the best part of this advertisement the gorilla holding the sign? Or is it the free beer? Either way, this has to be a killer garage sale.

4 Sale

If the seller is as good at math as he is at English, the buyer will probably get an exceptional deal.

Just Don’t Do It

This is clearly a problem… in Arkansas.

Gross And Apparently Necessary

This 15 year-old’s parents are done!

Honesty In Advertising

This is advertising done right.