J Balvin Net Worth

J Balvin Net Worth
Net Worth: $20 Million
Salary: $2 Million Per Year
Real Name: Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin
Date of Birth: 7th May 1985
Age: 39 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Singer, Songwriter
Nationality: Colombian
Updated: 1st July 2023
J Balvin Net Worth:
$20 Million

J Balvin's Salary

$2 Million Per Year

J Balvin, mainly referred to as the “Prince of Reggaeton,” is a Colombian reggaeton singer who has put a lot of effort into establishing his music career and personal life. As a result, he is among the best-selling Latin music artists and has over 35 million record sales worldwide.

J Balvin lived in Oklahoma and New York after he moved from Colombia to come to learn English. J Balvin’s career picked up at age 19. He later met his best friend, David Rivera Mazo, and the duo started producing and promoting their music.

In 2009, he signed to EMI Colombia and released his first single, “Ella Me Cautivo.” He has amassed several awards, including the 2015 Premios Lo Nuestro Awards, where he won four major urban category wins.

He was later nominated for 13 Billboard Latin Music Awards and won three honors. In 2016, he released his first album, number one on the US Latin Cart and Mexico. In addition, one of his singles from the album, “Ginza,” hit the first spot on Italy, Spain, Mexico, and US Latin charts.

The Colombian reggaeton singer is exceedingly famous, with several significant awards and hit songs that you probably have heard on the radio. However, his monetary status remains unknown to many.

What is J Balvin Net Worth?

As of 2022, J Balvin net worth is at $20 million, according to celebrity net worth. This Colombian reggaeton singer hit the Latin music industry with a bang from an early age, and since then, he has been on the top, maintaining his speed and status.

In 2017, he released another single and music video, “Mi Gente,” the song was an international hit immediately after release and was number one worldwide according to Global Top 50 on Spotify. However, J Balvin isn’t the type known to rest or take a break. The following year, Balvin teamed with Bad Bunny and Cardi B to release “I Like It.” The song was also a hit and was in the first spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2019, he released another collaboration with Bad Bunny, “Oasis,” the song was positioned 9 on the Billboard 200 and the top spot on the Billboard US Latin Albums chart. The song also got Rolling Stone’s Best Latin Albums of 2019. It was later nominated for Best Latin Rock, Best Urban Song, or Alternative Album at the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards.

Jose Balvin spends most of his money on jewelry, real estate, and shoes. Some exquisite pieces from his jewelry collection include a colorful lighted diamond and a two-flower diamond chain. Additionally, he also has a Gucci link chain.

J Balvin has an outstanding home in his home country, Colombia, with a private pool that he can open to the outdoors if he likes. The interiors show an aesthetic decor touch with concrete floors and exposed ceilings.

Apart from music, his YouTube channel is his additional revenue stream. The channel gets over 187.31 million views per month, which translates to $750,000 per month and $11.24 per year.

Who is J Balvin?

J Balvin real name is Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin. He was born in Medellin, Colombia, on 17th May 1985. The Colombian musician grew up in a big home outside the city in the hills. J Balvin’s father was a business owner and an economist. Balvin began developing a love for music after listening to Daddy Yankee.

Later, his father’s business went bankrupt, and the family lost their home and car. They had to move to a poorer neighborhood. At 17, he moved to the United States, New York, and Oklahoma to learn English. He was influenced by the music he heard, went back home, and started performing at the urban clubs; that’s how his popularity grew.

In 2010, he released his debut studio album; in 2011, he released another, “El Negocio.” In 2013, his album La Familia did pretty well and reached spot 10 on the US Latin chart. In 2016, he released another new album, Energia, which hit #1 in Mexico and the US Latin chart. Some of his singles that did pretty well include; Sola, En Lo Oscuro, and Yo Te Lo Dije; they were all number one in Colombia.

In May 2018. J Balvin released his fourth album. His two lead singles were; Vibras and Machika, which made the record the most streamed Latin album in 24 hours. It also debuted at position 1 on the US Top Latin Albums chart. Furthermore, the song Vibras had the most significant streaming week ever for a Latin album. The songs were streamed 16.1 million times.

This album was J Balvin’s highest charting album, debuting at position 15 on the US Billboard 200.

In summer 2019, Jose and Bad Bunny headed the Uforia Latino Mix Live concert series. Their focus was to raise money for the victims of shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. 

 In January 2020, Jose was a guest performer at the Super Bowl halftime show headlined by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. In March 2020, J released a fifth studio album, “Colores.” The album set a new record with all the songs in it occupying Spotify’s Top 10.

This dedication has significantly contributed to his net worth over the years. And from the look of things, this Colombian singer is only getting started. Therefore, J Balvin’s estimated net worth will keep featuring in net worth success stories.

J Balvin’s Net Worth Growth by Year

This has been J Balvin’s net worth growth in the last four years:

  • 2019 – $17 million
  • 2020 – $18 million 
  • 2021 – $19 million
  • 2022 – $20 million

Fun Facts About J Balvin

Apart from his music, there are other exciting things about this Colombian singer, and we summed up a few:

  • He currently has 34 tattoos covering his body, which has been part of his image over the years.
  • He has featured on a track with Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, and Robin Thicke. Furthermore, he has also been on tour with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.
  • His goal and inspiration were to introduce and drive Latin music to the entire world and make it loved.
  • He was his manager and acted his own music independently for eight years before he was signed by Label.
  • He has temporary dementia and usually gets panic attacks. He embraces alternative therapies and meditation to help with his mental health.
  • His favorite animal is a tiger; he has several tattoos of tigers, and don’t be surprised if you see him with one someday.

What’s to Come for J Balvin?

J Balvin is a Colombian musician dedicated to his career and with no time to rest. He already has his 2022-2023 tour dates set, and you can get your tickets in advance so that you don’t miss interacting with this iconic Latin singer. His 2022 tour is ongoing. He also has a new song and album release.

J Balvin FAQs

What are J Balvin’s hobbies?

J loves fashion and enjoys trying new designs each time. He also loves motocross.

What is J Balvin’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2022, J Balvin’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

Is J Balvin married?

Jose Balvin has been in a romantic relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Valentina Ferrer. On 27th June 2021, they welcomed a baby boy.

J Balvin FAQs

What is J Balvin Net Worth?

J Balvin net worth is currently $20 million USD.

How much money does J Balvin earn?

J Balvin earns $2 million per year from various sources.

How tall is J Balvin?

J Balvin is 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)

How old is J Balvin?

J Balvin is currently 39 years old.

When is J Balvin birthday?

J Balvin birthday is on 7th May.