10 Frog Species With Freaky Powers

Frogs and toads tend to appear quite lazy and rather unimpressive to most people, but they actually possess truly impressive abilities that you could not find anywhere else in the natural world. Frogs tend to be somewhat slimy, especially when you want to play a prank on your significant other by dropping one on her. Researchers have more purpose when it comes to catching a frog, though. After decades of careful study, scientists have discovered things about frogs that lead to medical advancements in totally unexpected ways. Here are ten frog species with freaky powers.

Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

The Matses Indians of Peru often use the secretions from the Waxy Monkey Tree Frog to “feel like gods.” The tiny frog secrets a type of morphine-like substance that reduces pain.

Australian Green Tree Frog

The Australian green tree frog has a very special ability, which comes in the form of their impressive bladder. They can envelope any foreign object within the bladder and remove it from the body safely.