20 Everyday Objects Linked To Terrifying Events

The Basano Vase

This silver vase, made during the 15th century, was given to a bride on the even of her wedding. However, the bride was then murdered the same night with the vase in her hand. Other deaths seem to happen, too. Three more deaths in the family occurred before they begged the police to remove it.

Letta The Gypsy Doll

Letta the doll was said to have been created over 200 years ago by a gypsy from Romania. The spirit of the gypsy’s son is said to live within the doll, following his death by drowning. Every time the doll is taken outdoors, it begins to rain. Dogs tend to hate the doll and attempt to attack it, and people become afraid in its presence. The doll moves on its own, changing positions while sitting, and even has a pulse on occasion.

Pupa The Doll

Pupa is rather creepy. The owner of the doll would talk with her quite often, and upon her death the doll was placed into a glass case. The doll doesn’t like the case, though, as she taps on it rather often as if she’s trying to escape. Her body moves, and the facial expressions change.

Delhi Purple Sapphire

Known as the Delhi Purple Sapphire, this massive stone is actually an amethyst stolen from a sacred temple of Indra. Anyone who owns it and those closest to them have bad luck, including worsening health and finances.