20 Celebrities Who Famously Played Themselves In A Movie

Nothing is better than a surprise cameo by a famous actor. Most movies nowadays are picked apart before they even come out so a lot of the time, celebrity cameos get revealed before the movie even releases. When they do manage to remain a secret, it’s a true delight to watch them show up on screens. Especially when they’re playing versions of themselves. Some stars can pull it off better than others, but any entertainer that is willing to make fun of themselves a little bit should get a pat on their back. This list looks at 20 celebrities who have done just that.

Bob Barker

One of the most iconic examples of a celebrity playing themselves is Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore. Who could forget that fight scene on the golf course?

Bruce Campbell

Known for his portrayal of Ash in the Evil Dead series, Bruce Campbell directed his own film in which he played a dramatized version of himself.