John Madden Net Worth

John Madden Net Worth
Net Worth: $200 Million
Salary: $10,000 Per Episode
Real Name: John Earl Madden
Date of Birth: 10th April 1936
Died: 28th December 2021
Cause of Death:
Age: 85 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 4 in
Profession: Football Player, Football Coach, Sportscaster, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Updated: 29th June 2023
John Madden Net Worth:
$200 Million

John Madden's Salary

$10,000 Per Episode

John Madden Net Worth

The late John Madden had a personality that captivated audiences. Viewers may remember him lusting over the blooming onion in Outback Steakhouse commercials or giving color commentary on FOX NFL football. Some may have spent time in Madden Fantasy Football camps, following his NFL career as a head coach, or playing one of the best-selling video games ever made. Whatever way you knew Madden, one thing is for sure – the man was successful.

His talents and a vast career earned him a strong net worth of $200 million. John Madden’s net worth came from a variety of sources including salary, endorsements, investments, real estate, and business ventures like gaming.

Who Is John Madden?

Born on April 10, 1936, in Austin, Minnesota, John Madden was one of six children born to Mary and Earl Russell Madden. From a young age, he loved football and played the sport throughout his school years.

He Almost Became a Professional Football Player

Did you know he was drafted to play for the Philadelphia Eagles but never did due to a previous injury? Luckily, this allowed him to fulfill his destiny as a football coach.

Career Before Football

Madden pursued other interests and earned his bachelor’s degree in education from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1958. He then briefly taught high school before being drafted into the US Army, where he served for two years. After his military service,

Rise Into Football

He quickly rose through the ranks as a college-level football coach. John Madden went from assistant coach to head coach at Allan Hancock Junior College in Santa Maria, California. San Diego State later brought him on as the defensive assistant coach in 1963. It was not long before an NFL Coach title would be on his resume.

Victory With Oakland Raiders

After a two-year stint as the linebackers coach, John Madden became the head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 1969. He led the team to a victory against the Minnesota Vikings in 1976 in Super Bowl II. At the age of 39, he was one of the youngest head coaches to attain such a feat. John Madden remained the Raiders’ head football coach until 1978.

John Madden As Commentator

He then became a much sought-after commentator and analyst for CBS’s Sunday Night Football telecasts. His popularity as a broadcaster increased his net worth significantly. In 1984, Madden retired from coaching to focus on his broadcasting career full-time. At his peak, John Madden’s broadcasting salary was $8 million.


His football fame and engaging voice led him to become a popular pitchman, appearing in commercials for products like ACE Bandages, Outback Steakhouse, and Bud Light. Madden was also an astute businessman. He founded Turf Show Times, a website dedicated to the Los Angeles Rams. The site was later sold to CBS for an undisclosed sum. His popularity on television led to endorsement deals with major brands like Sears, Ford, and Hanes.

John Madden Football Coach

Madden Gets Into Gaming

In 1988, John Madden got into the video game business with Electronic Arts. The first Madden NFL Football game was released in 1989 for Commodore 64, Apple II, and MS-DOS. It was an instant hit and is still one of the best-selling video games of all time. The game has sold over 130 million copies. The success also earned Madden a $150 million contract for his likeness as well as $2 million in annual revenue.

Today, Madden NFL Games remain popular. In 2020, the latest version of the game – Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football– was released to much fanfare and a 4+ rating. The game features new modes, enhanced graphics, and improved gameplay and was updated in 2022.

Real Estate

In addition to his business ventures and endorsements, John Madden’s net worth was also bolstered by his real estate holdings. He owned a number of properties in the San Francisco Bay Area, including an 11,000-square-foot house in Pleasanton, California that he bought for $4.1 million in 1998. He also invested in local hotels and a vineyard.

Personal Life

John Madden married Virginia Fields in 1959. The couple had two children together – Joseph and Michael. Madden died on December 28, 2021, at the age of 85. His cause of death was heart disease.

Legacy of John Madden

Although he is no longer with us, John Madden’s legacy continues to live on. At the time of his death, John Madden’s net worth was $200 million. He left behind a legacy as one of the most successful football coaches and broadcasters in NFL history. His name is also synonymous with one of the best-selling video games of all time. John Madden will be remembered as a larger-than-life figure who had a profound impact on the world of football.

John Madden FAQs

What is John Madden Net Worth?

John Madden net worth is currently $200 million USD.

How much money does John Madden earn?

John Madden earns $10,000 per episode from various sources.

How tall is John Madden?

John Madden is 6 ft 4 in

How old was John Madden?

John Madden was 85 years old at the time of their death.

When is John Madden birthday?

John Madden birthday is on 10th April.