14 Of The Most Unique Women That Actually Exist In This World

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You are unique — and so is everyone else on the planet. We all pride ourselves in our quirks and uniqueness; and while everyone wants to be different in our own little way, we also don’t want to stand out too much. We want to be looked at and admired, after all — not looked at and mocked. Then there are those brave souls who are truly unique and peculiar — and they embrace it. Whether they were born with it or it was a personal choice, here’s the compilation of the 14 most unique women you won’t believe actually exist in this world.


Barbie Dolls

Most women grew up playing Barbie dolls as a child. We enjoyed dressing her up and making her pretty, but as we grow older we forget about them and move on. Other women don’t. They continue to idolize the tiny, plastic dolls and strive to look like her as much as possible.

One such woman is Valeria Lukyanova, who looks so much like Barbie Doll. She has huge eyes and face and body contours that resemble Barbie’s. She claims it’s all natural.

32Z Boob Job

Women are obsessed with boobs, especially if you have the lack of it. Thanks to modern surgery and technology, getting a bigger boob size is attainable.

One German model named Mayra Hills took it one step further. She had 10L of saline solution pumped to her breasts and went from 32A to 32Z. They weigh 40 pounds, which means you’re always carrying 5 gallon water balls around everywhere, even when she’s sleeping!

Razor Sharp Teeth

Perceptions of beauty are also based on cultural beliefs. In Indonesia, the Mentawai tribe perceive razor sharp, dagger-like teeth as sexy. Women in the tribe undergo great lengths to file their teeth to create the pointed look. Who knows, maybe the Mentawai trend will catch on here soon.

Modern Day Rapunzel

50-year-old Asha Mandela is the modern day Rapunzel, and is proud of her long and glorious locks. She has deadlocks 19.5 ft long, with some locks measuring up to 55 ft long. Growing out and taking care of her locks is what Asha is completely dedicated to, and what do you expect? It seems like a strenuous and difficult job. Asha Mandela holds the record of having the longest dreadlocks in the world since 2008.


Aneta Florczyk hails from Poland and even from a young age, she already showed promise in her strength. She was already competing since her teenage years and by 19, she became the Junior Champion in Bench Pressing. She did not stop from there–Aneta wanted to be stronger and better. She wanted to be the best. Within a year she won the World’s Strongest Woman title, and is considered as the strongest woman on Earth.

Elongated Necks

In another cultural perception of beauty, women in the Padaung or Kareni tribe of Burma use extreme methods to extend their necks through copper coils. Whatever country they are from, women do go great lengths to achieve beauty.

The Illustrated Lady

Julia Gnuse lived a somewhat ordinary life until she turned 35. At that point, Julia became very insecure with her skin and how it looked. She was later diagnosed with porphyria which gave her scars all throughout her body in an ugly way. A doctor suggested that she try tattooing to cover up parts of her skin she didn’t like.

One tattoo was enough to get her hooked. Now, 95% of her body–including her face–is covered with tattoos, thus giving her the nickname ‘The Illustrated Lady’.

No Hair, Don’t Care

Gail Porter was a famous British model in the 90’s. She was featured in magazines such as FHM and is known for her sweet smile, big beautiful eyes and strawberry blonde locks.

In 2005 she developed alopecia, which caused her hair to fall out. For most people, it means an end of their modeling career. But for a strong woman like Porter, she was open and honest about her condition. She refuses to wear a wig or hat, and wears her bald head out in public.

56-Stone Woman

Charity Pierce is certainly generous about feeding herself, and consumes 10,000 calories everyday, enough to feed a family of 4. She is completely housebound and weights an astonishing 56 stone, that’s 355 kilograms (780lb)! It is almost impossible for her to stand up, let alone walk.

Hips Don’t Lie

Another heavyweight contender is a thirty stone woman named Mikel Ruffinelli. She only has a waist of 40 inches, but her hips don’t lie: it’s roughly 8 feet in circumference! That makes her the woman with the world’s biggest backside. Mikel is only 5 ft. 4 inches tall, and it is amazing how she’s able to walk at all.

Miniature Woman

Jyoti Amge is 22 years old and hails in Nagpur, India. She is the world’s smallest woman, at only 62.8 cm tall or 2 ft. tall! Jyoti has a condition known as achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Unlike most medical growth anomalies, she is perfectly proportioned. She doesn’t have problems with oversized skulls, spines, back or neck pain. She looks literally just like a regular person but miniature.

Human Jessica Rabbit

Kristina Rei has spent the last six years in plastic surgery, trying to look like her childhood idol — Jessica Rabbit. She’s done 100 lip injections and $5,000 to emulate the cartoon character.

Kristina Rei, who is from Russia, said she started obsessing on cosmetic surgery followed by bullying incidents in high school.

Two Heads in One Body

Imagine sharing one body with another person–how difficult would that be? These two are dicephalic parapagus twins, born to a registered nurse and a carpenter. It must be challenging living with another person in one body! The two have a lot of their own internal organs–they have their own heart, spine and stomach. Each twin can control their own half of their own body, so they have to coordinate well together in what one should do and the other should do next!

It’s All About the Waist

Corsets has been long around since the Victorian times, used by women in search of a smaller wist. Currently, Cathie Jung holds the record for the smallest waist in the world. They use tight corsets on a daily basis to achieve an hourglass figure. Doctors do not recommend using corsets as damages internal organs.