14 Of The Most Unique Women That Actually Exist In This World

You are unique — and so is everyone else on the planet. We all pride ourselves in our quirks and uniqueness; and while everyone wants to be different in our own little way, we also don’t want to stand out too much. We want to be looked at and admired, after all — not looked at and mocked. Then there are those brave souls who are truly unique and peculiar — and they embrace it. Whether they were born with it or it was a personal choice, here’s the compilation of the 14 most unique women you won’t believe actually exist in this world.


Barbie Dolls

Most women grew up playing Barbie dolls as a child. We enjoyed dressing her up and making her pretty, but as we grow older we forget about them and move on. Other women don’t. They continue to idolize the tiny, plastic dolls and strive to look like her as much as possible.

One such woman is Valeria Lukyanova, who looks so much like Barbie Doll. She has huge eyes and face and body contours that resemble Barbie’s. She claims it’s all natural.