10 Shocking Easter Eggs The Cloverfield Movies Want You To Miss

Easter Eggs are not just for the Easter Bunny anymore. Nowadays, video games, television shows and movies are chock full with pieces of information called Easter Eggs, because they are hidden and generally will give the person who is sharp eyed enough to see them a little prize.

The people behind the Cloverfield movies have apparently buried a number of Easter Eggs in their creations, as well as the promotional material surrounding those movies. That shouldn’t shock anyone who understands how JJ Abrams works. The man made the sheer existence of these films Easter Eggs at one point, hiding what they were with code names and secret trailers before they were officially announced. For those of you who love hunting for Easter Eggs in this manner, read on and let us know if you had spotted any of these before and also let us know of any we missed.

King King Cameo

A “blink and you’ll miss it” moment takes place towards the end of the original Cloverfield film. The last surviving main characters have just loaded up in a helicopter and think they’re getting away. The monster is then bombed and a puff of smoke surrounds it, it leaps and attacks the helicopter. During this sequence, there is a single frame of this iconic shot of King Kong doing battle with planes in the same general area of New York. Pausing and stepping forward is the best way to check this Easter Egg out.

“It’s Still Alive”

The army certainly had its hands full with the Cloverfield monster. At the end of the movie the military talks about getting ready to hit it with “the hammer” thought to be a massive bomb. The hammer is dropped but during the credits of the film, there is some static and then a report that “it’s still alive” meaning it appears the creature survived this final all-out assault.