12 Actors Who Randomly Left Hollywood

We all have an image in our head of what Hollywood is like. In our minds, it’s a beautiful place where dreams are made, where the stars strut along the red carpet at lavish award shows and celebrities live out their rich lifestyles in huge mansions. But maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe we’ve got it all wrong.

Here we present twelve famous actors who one day decided that Hollywood just wasn’t for them. What drove them away? Pressure? Dwindling popularity? Maybe everything we believe about the Hollywood lifestyle just isn’t true. Who can say? Well, these people for starters.

Some of these came as a genuine surprise to us. You may be shocked yourself.

Heather Donahue

Better known for the above screenshot, Heather enjoyed a brief moment of fame after co-starring in the immensely successful horror movie The Blair Witch Project. While she continued to act in a few films and TV shows, she hasn’t appeared on-screen in over eight years.

Mara Wilson

Most of you will know her as the child star of Mrs Doubtfire and Matilda. Mara admitted that she quit Hollywood in 2000 because “film acting is not very fun”. Moving away from the crushing repetitiveness of making a movie, she now works for a non-profit organization based in New York.