10 Ways To Remove Yourself From The World

It is becoming far harder these days to fly under the radar and away from the government and prying eyes of the rest of civilization. There is always some kind of interference, whether it comes in the form of paying taxes or being called for jury duty by the local government. Being an individual has basically been lost in today’s world. There are some tricks to getting away from the government, though. Here are ten ways to completely remove yourself from the world around us.

Leave Zero Trails

Leaving no trails means paying for absolutely everything with nothing but cash – unless you have some type of access to an anonymous credit card. Credit and debit cards leave documentation when used, so avoid those at all costs.

Online Security

If you truly need to use the internet, then make sure to use some form of encryption software when sending out any emails or messages to absolutely anyone. This will leave zero trace of your whereabouts and persona.