10 Things You Never Knew You Learned At School

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Some of us loved school, some of us hated school but most of us miss school. You may think it taught you nothing — I mean why do we have to know algebra? And what’s the point of doing English? But little did we know that it’s actually taught us a lot, yes, we do need Algebra and most of all English, but did you know that it has taught us more about the world we live in than you ever noticed? Just have a look at this list of 10 things school has taught us that we don’t realize and you’ll see what we mean.

That Kid That Would Rat You Out

In every class, there’s the kid that rats everyone out for sneaking out of class, ditching it or smoking during lunchtime. So, when everyone was choosing who they would rather vote for when it came to a leadership position, no one thought twice about this kid. Similar to that, no one likes to choose a project leader that runs to the boss every time something doesn’t go their way.

You Are Part Of A System

Just like it is in school, countries have laws that citizens must obey and workplaces have bosses that may call on you at any time during the day. At least we were all taught that no matter how hard and unfair the system actually is, all you have to do is smile and say “Yes”.


Looking back on school, detention isn’t the worst thing that could have happened when you couldn’t meet deadlines. In the real world, if you fail to meet deadlines, you don’t get put in detention — you get fired.

Pretty People

If you weren’t one of those good-looking people at school, chances are you probably aren’t now. Statistics have shown that people that are better looking tend to get jobs easier.

How To Sit Still

If you went to a strict military school, you’ll probably understand the consequences that came after whispering to a friend during an assembly, or in class quiet time. But take it from us, you will be grateful next time your co-worker is getting in trouble and it’s not you.

Embarrassing Uniforms

Again, for those of you who went to a strict military school, you’ll understand that if a dress code isn’t met, you’re in trouble. This is also obviously the same when it comes to work.


Just like the cliques at school, such as the goths, the popular crew, the nerds, etc., the grown up world has them too, and they’re here to stay.

You Just Have To Be Strong

School has taught us that even with everything that’s happening, you have to be strong. So if you’re boss doesn’t believe that you can do anything or your co-workers aren’t inviting you out with them, it’s time to remember that the most important thing that school taught us is to be strong

Being Smart Isn’t Everything

If you graduated top of the class, that’s great, you feel great when you’re the one that people run to first when needing help. But the big world shows that you need so much more than just being smart.

High School Never Ends

Everywhere you go, everything is pretty much going to be like high school.