10 Strange Backstage Demands Celebrities Have Made

One of the best things about being a celebrity is that people will generally go out of their way to ensure that you are happy at all times. It is just one of the many perks of being famous and means that they can live and work in almost constant luxury. This is particularly evident when they are at a broadcast recording or a live show, where they are able to make all sorts demands to staff in something called a rider. Although they will often be basic requests, some celebrities have taken advantage of put in some bizarre demands.

Mariah Carey

As the archetypal diva, Mariah Carey was always going to have an extensive list of requirements on her rider that staff would have to oblige to backstage at concerts. These strange requests included the room having to be heated to exactly 75 degrees, a special assistant specifically to take away her unwanted gum and as well as live kittens and a collection of bendy straws.


According to sources, Prince has a strange request for every concert and green room that he attends that forces the staff to have a doctor on hand at all times who can give him vitamin shots whenever he wants.