10 Reasons Why Children And Markers Isn’t A Good Combination

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Parenting may very well be the hardest thing in the world. Especially when your kids are young you should be constantly aware and awake in order to be able to follow each and every of their steps closely. However, as hard as your try you won’t be able to always be awake nor will you be able to never leave your kids alone for just a tiny bit. However, just a few seconds is enough time for a child to make a huge mess. The following ten pictures show why you should be extra careful with your kids, especially if you have markers lying around. With that in mind and without a further adieu, here are 10 reasons why kids and markers isn’t a nice combination.

Tattooing the Dog

This kid decided to give some color to the family’s dog. Look at those new tattoos!


Inspired by our ancesstors, these three kids decided to give themselves some warrior fighting colors!

Daddy’s Legs

This dad was too quick to fall asleep. He’ll wake up with brand new tattoed legs.

Sniffy Markers

You’d better not buy your children smelly markers, because they might sniff them a little too much!

New Face

This child decided to make himself an extreme face makeover with the help of a few markers.

Guilty as Charged

This kid already know what she has done. Guilty as charged!

Dad of the Year

This dad might as well get a Dad of the Year award for his extreme patience.

Armed with Markers

Armed with markers these two kids expressed their artistic veiws about what beauty should be.


This child made his dad look like a leopard by putting colorful spots all over him.

Painting Up

The paper wasn’t enough for these kids, so they decided to do up their faces with markers instead.